500 days

Weirdly enough, I hate fridays. It's been like this for awhile, simply because 1.) I always work all weekend because I can't work during the week, 2.) I have to catch up on homework, 3.) Seldom does plans work out correctly. Something about weekdays is just much more serene...
 I have no outfit for today as my day consisted of getting up, studying for a bit (Reading Genesis for my Culture class...) then going work. I was supposed to go to a club called HiFi tonight, which i had never been to, but of course the plans soon decayed as people began ditching at random. Now I am sitting twiddling my thumbs, thinking about what a waste of a friday night this truely is. 
Now onto much more important and interesting topics. Last week, I saw 500 Days Of Summer with a few friends. It definitely made my favourite movie list.

Things that I enjoyed about this movie:
1. Anti-love story. I related to it at times- the lack of Summer's convention

2. Summer's fashion - consisting of dreamy blue and white dresses, delicate bows and pure loveliness

3. Soundtrack (Personal favourite's below.)

4. Both Summer and Tom's apartments - Tom has a huge chalkboard in his, which allows him to change the decor as he wishes... And Summer's is full of vintage, quirky decor and paper cranes.



  1. should have come to kellies

  2. i looooove 500 days of summer so much! i laughed so hard over that line with the chinese family in ikea :P
    keep up the awesome outfits on chictopia!

  3. i agree with these sentiments entirely...i loved everything Summer wore in this film, and i liked the unexpected cinematography. cool post