Due september.

I told myself that this year, I would start a blog. Yes, it is plain. I like plain right now. I will likely change the layouts often.
I'm not one for great introductions, but this blog will consist of well, me.
This will include:
•Brief descriptions of my torture at my first year of university, my triumphs and tribulations
•Fashion taste/personal fashion
•Movie and music taste
•Anything else I wish to discuss.
Feel free to comment and critique on any of my blogs. Thank you.



  1. Hey. I was wondering , is it impossible to have your msn address ? oh.. ya I know, pretty akward question to ask it in your comments. But maybe you can answer on my email ?
    I'll be so thankful when you do it ^^ .
    Kleer.tali@mail.ee You can ask anything about me.. cause when some total stranger asks something like that, in MY blog.. then I would be hesitant about that too.. :/
    waiting for your answer :)