wearing: H&M blazer, Joe Fresh slipons, Hot Topic accessories, forever 21 skirt.
Seeing as this is my first actual blog post, I will offer some basic information.

I currently am attending my first year (U1), at the University of Manitoba. 
Although not 100 percent sure (who is these days?), I am really hoping to get into the faculty of architecture. I love all types of design, and I really think that architecture is something that can incorporate more than one of those aspects. In one of my basic architecture classes, my professor put it nicely - architects should really be called a more general and broad term, as it takes knowledge of all kinds to create the environment for the human experience.
More about that later. I go to school 3 times a week, and I have made somewhat of an oath to at least try and dress up. It really does give me motivation to be active during the day; whereas wearing sweats and 'comfy' clothing often just makes me feel tired and sluggish. The above outfit is from today :). I really do feel out of place, dressing up in skirts at university, but I try not to care. 
Homework awaits.


  1. Your blog is off to a great start! I'm subscribing :D You are adorable and that blazer is too cute for words.

    <3 esb

  2. i've said this to your chictopia , but i can't help but telling you one more time , that i super love this look ! you look so lovely , love the whole look . great top and skirt ! :D

  3. I am def going to link your blog to myne!
    U look stunning and I look forward to more posts : )

    Jasna- Chictopia