I was feeling very purple today. Some of my friends don't like this very flouncy look, but I do. I still like fitted, tailored pieces too, there's just something magical about this dress. Seeing as it's from Forever 21, it seems like a good time to bring this up; Has anyone else heard that Forever 21 is sharing a space in Polo Park mall with H&M? That would be so wonderful. I would never step into St.Vital mall again...
Midterms this thursday, study study study!

Outfit today.

Forever 21 dress, Aldo heels, Le Chateau scarf, Ricki's coat.


  1. i can't wait for h&m and f21 to come here! OMG!
    goodluck with tests! i have 2 on thursday! yikes!

  2. i adore flouncy dresses. tailored to fit pieces are nice but isnt variety all the better when dealing with clothing?
    great outfit and good luck on your midterms.
    i wish H&M and F21 would come to my city :(