sister, sister

First things first...

My sister turned 21 today, so she is now allowed to go to Las Vegas and all that fun stuff.
photo via papertissue.

Today before class I went to the mall for a bit because my boyfriend was getting a haircut there, and we carpool together. The mall is the most wonderful thing when the Christmas season arrives. My favourite stores to be in are the Gap, which always seems to have the coziest and nicest winter clothing, and Chapters, which always has plenty of xmas goodies to look at :).

I've been having trouble getting good pictures lately, so I decided to experiment just a teensy bit. I need a photographer!
Outfit today ;

No face? Yay or nay?
Boots are sisters, leggings and sweater from The Gap, Skirt from Forever 21,


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  1. I love your look. This skirt looks gorgeous with the sweater.