School's out and it's time for some good holiday activities. I'll be sharing my marks/reviews of classes when I get them, probably some time in January.
For now, I'd like to discuss something very serious.
The show is incredible. For anyone who hasn't watched it, you should. Anyone me and my friends get to start watching becomes instantly hooked. Of course, if you start now, you'll be about 5 seasons behind. The last season starts in February and I'm very excited to finally get some ANSWERS! For anyone who doesn't know what Lost is about, basically a plane crashes on an island that is very very very special and mysterious. It's a mix of science fiction, supernatural and drama. It's the best.

Outfit today.
hat; joe fresh, jacket; xmas present, shirt; club monaco, pants; dynamite.

I hardly ever wear pants, it's crazy. Also, the hat was plain when I bought it but I like to dress it up with little felt handmade bows. I might change up the colour every so often.:)