Today was actually pretty cold! As in, see your own breath cold...not exactly ideal fall weather. Oh well. Busy day at school today, 8:30am - 3:45 pm. Now homework, so I can't say much.

My outfit for today.

Joe Fresh Jacket, French Connection Sweater


perfume ads

some of my favourite perfume ads that i've seen on tv. :)
D&G The One

Chanel no. 5


Miss Dior


windy monday

ah, fall is in the air. I'm glad too...I've been totally unappreciative of all the hot weather this september (hottest since the 1800's apparently?), because well, i'm too busy to actually enjoy it at the beach. It should have been this hot in JULY. Now I am just anxious for autumn. Today I picked up my last highschool yearbook. I liked it but there's an unbelievable amount of typos such as spelling my name wrong,  and missing parts of my grad entry. The grad scholarship page is a complete mess, it was as if they never updated it with who won and just published it without adding names, hah. Oh well though, I still miss that ridiculous highschool...

I've decided to update about my classes on a regular basis. I can't find any STUDENT accounts of classes online other than ratemyprofessor, and those aren't very detailed. So, if you are one day to take some of the classes I am, these words might help you.

Math in Art
So far, a complete disaster...It is supposedly the easiest math to take first year which makes me feel ridiculous that I can't understand it! The teacher moves at quick rates (which was expected...), but to the point where you can't draw the figures as fast as her, and I always have to rewrite my own notes when I get home from the book. The questions that are recommended at the end of each unit are very difficult. Apparently these are similar to the exam questions too...They are definitely not the regurgatation you see in highschool, they require extreme thought and often looking up on the internet. The number one thing that bothers me is that the textbook misspelled Winnipeg, and it has NO ANSWERS. The questions aren't even for marks so why wouldn't they supply answers so you can tell if you are on the right track? I just don't get it, and you can't find answers on the internet either. I hope things get better and if they do I will update. My only option now is to ask my professor for personal help or see a tutor.
More on my university classes later... 

My outfit for today, nothing special.
Aldo boots, Joe Fresh blouse



So yesterday was very exciting because my boyfriend took me out on a date to the Keg. :) My favourite restaurant. We haven't been out on a date in forever due to conflicting schedules/being busy with homework ( he goes to the same university) . Anyways, I got my FAVOURITE dish King Crab and Steak, and we also got this crab parmesan dip for a appetizer...what can I say, I love crab. The night ended as we tried desperately to find 500 days of Summer online as it isn't in theatres anymore, and I really wanted him to watch it. It's easy to find but his internet was being annoying so we didn't watch it all. But I'm definitely making him watch it when its comes out on dvd! 
My outfit.

Le Chateau top, Dynamite skirt, Le Chateau heels, Steve Madden purse.


500 days

Weirdly enough, I hate fridays. It's been like this for awhile, simply because 1.) I always work all weekend because I can't work during the week, 2.) I have to catch up on homework, 3.) Seldom does plans work out correctly. Something about weekdays is just much more serene...
 I have no outfit for today as my day consisted of getting up, studying for a bit (Reading Genesis for my Culture class...) then going work. I was supposed to go to a club called HiFi tonight, which i had never been to, but of course the plans soon decayed as people began ditching at random. Now I am sitting twiddling my thumbs, thinking about what a waste of a friday night this truely is. 
Now onto much more important and interesting topics. Last week, I saw 500 Days Of Summer with a few friends. It definitely made my favourite movie list.

Things that I enjoyed about this movie:
1. Anti-love story. I related to it at times- the lack of Summer's convention

2. Summer's fashion - consisting of dreamy blue and white dresses, delicate bows and pure loveliness

3. Soundtrack (Personal favourite's below.)

4. Both Summer and Tom's apartments - Tom has a huge chalkboard in his, which allows him to change the decor as he wishes... And Summer's is full of vintage, quirky decor and paper cranes.




wearing: H&M blazer, Joe Fresh slipons, Hot Topic accessories, forever 21 skirt.
Seeing as this is my first actual blog post, I will offer some basic information.

I currently am attending my first year (U1), at the University of Manitoba. 
Although not 100 percent sure (who is these days?), I am really hoping to get into the faculty of architecture. I love all types of design, and I really think that architecture is something that can incorporate more than one of those aspects. In one of my basic architecture classes, my professor put it nicely - architects should really be called a more general and broad term, as it takes knowledge of all kinds to create the environment for the human experience.
More about that later. I go to school 3 times a week, and I have made somewhat of an oath to at least try and dress up. It really does give me motivation to be active during the day; whereas wearing sweats and 'comfy' clothing often just makes me feel tired and sluggish. The above outfit is from today :). I really do feel out of place, dressing up in skirts at university, but I try not to care. 
Homework awaits.

Due september.

I told myself that this year, I would start a blog. Yes, it is plain. I like plain right now. I will likely change the layouts often.
I'm not one for great introductions, but this blog will consist of well, me.
This will include:
•Brief descriptions of my torture at my first year of university, my triumphs and tribulations
•Fashion taste/personal fashion
•Movie and music taste
•Anything else I wish to discuss.
Feel free to comment and critique on any of my blogs. Thank you.