wild things

Went to see Where the Wild Things Are. Was pleasantly surprised.
Soundtrack = amazing. Music made by Karen O and the Kids, Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and the Kids consisting of many members of other bands, such as Deerhunter.
The movie was a kids movie, but had obvious meaning behind the story.
 Personal favourites...
Don't you wish you had that little costume as a kid? I wish I had it now too. 
Outfit today.
Aldo, H&M Accessories, UB dress, Into the Blue scarf.




I wish I could wake up at 10:00am everyday. It just seems like the perfect time to wake up; not too tired, not overslept. Unfortunately I have to be UP by 6:30 most days...ah well.

The week is almost done, as well as 2 of my midterms. Can't wait. On Friday I'm working, then I'm going shopping+din maybe+movie with Nicole and whoever else decides to come. Saturday is work as well...and then a social here in my little town, horrah. Sunday, hopefully catching up on homework and lazing about. :)

Outfit today.

 Urban Behavior dress, Gift from Vicki ring.



I was feeling very purple today. Some of my friends don't like this very flouncy look, but I do. I still like fitted, tailored pieces too, there's just something magical about this dress. Seeing as it's from Forever 21, it seems like a good time to bring this up; Has anyone else heard that Forever 21 is sharing a space in Polo Park mall with H&M? That would be so wonderful. I would never step into St.Vital mall again...
Midterms this thursday, study study study!

Outfit today.

Forever 21 dress, Aldo heels, Le Chateau scarf, Ricki's coat.



So, I haven't really blogged in awhile so time for an update. Midterms are coming up, so I pretty much have been studying for those. However, today I decided to have some fun and make some candy and caramel apples. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be!


Oh, and outfit for today...I bought the jacket recently and am absolutely in love, and crazy protective. I take it off whenever I eat something, and I really hope I don't get pen on it at school...

Ricki's jacket, Hot Topic tights, Sirens shoes, Le Chateau scarf.

chilled mornings

It's so funny how weather here can go from -15 to +15 in a matter of days...
Outfit from days ago, didn't have time to upload. I look super creeper in the second photo, yes.

Le Chateau Dress, Le Chateau Scarf, Sirens Shoes.



I can't believe midterms are already creeping up...everything in university is so crazy rushed. My marks so far are not like in highschool, but I expected that...still am not forgetting my goals though. I wish everything could be like highschool. Weeps. I'm not one of those people who had a horrible highschool experience...I absolutely loved it. 
Other news.. I got tickets for Lights. I will make a separate post on her once I see the concert of course. 
Highlight of this week: Shopping on Friday. If only I could magically have more money to spend...

Things I want to buy:
green, yellow, blue, purple plain headbands
black dress
white jacket from rickis
faded black jeans
old navy sweater/cardigan
cashmere sweater in any deep jewel tones
brown boots
hat with bow from le chateau

My outfit today:

Old Navy Tights, Buckle Dress, Really dirty boots, Thrifted scarf.



Well, I knew it would be hard to keep up a blog during university but I still am trying. I just couldn't write after writing my death and future concepts course essay. I like the class, but the teacher can be a little overbearing. He uses huge words and yeah...I guess I sort of like him? MacKendrick. Hopefully I get OKAY on my essay.
Will upload outfits soon.

Last night I went to see Whip It.
I honestly liked it, not as much as 500 days of summer...butttt, it was super good and made me wanna be a toughass derby girl.

It made me wish I was part of something.