mona lisas

Christmas was amazing, as always! I mostly got clothes, including some over the knee boots which I loveeeee. Thanks everyone :). I went a little crazy on boxing day and bought A LOT: 4 pairs of shoes, a little clutch, a sweater, jacket (as seen), scarf (as seen), and even more. I'm nuts.
Today I also got my hair dyed and cut, about time!

jacket from rickis, boots from spring, tights from rickis, circle scarf from joe.



they cannot see the light

Tonight I am going out with Nicole to Red Lobster (one of my favourite places, crab leggss...), and then seeing the movie Precious. It seems like a tear-jerker and I think it has also been nominated for several awards, so that should be good...
This is the other skirt I got from Walmart, I can't wait to wear it around Valentines Day.
Also, I found this art in my sketchbook today, I forgot about it.







Last night my friend Nicole had a girl's night party. It was super fun, just drinking and dancing around/dressing up like nutters, until her brother and his friends CRASHED it. Oh well though, still fun, I'm just not someone who likes to stay up till 6am partying when I'm real tired! I'm very weak. Well, here's what I wore.



moon river

Today was a day off for me. I went shopping to finish up some Christmas shopping, but I was very bad because I got something for myself as well. From Walmart. :) I went to get some chocolates and walked past the clothing department, and to my surprise saw a sale rack of skirts that looked absolutely identical to my favourite black sort of bubble skirt from forever 21. They had so many colours and all for 9 dollars each. I ended up getting two, a pink and a teal green. Who knew? When I got home I compared it to the one from forever 21 and they are honestly the same skirt, just different labels. 

Here's a few samples of art from my math in art sketchbook. Basically all you had to do was quick sketches that somewhat involved what we were learning. 

Also, last night I decided to try out some pin curls after watching Strawberry Koi Vintage's pin curl tutorial. I just love her, by the way. I did them sort of messily, and used mousse instead of gel, but I liked the way they turned out. 
Outfit & hair:
shirt; sirens, skirt; thrifted+altered, belt; thrifted, shoes; modcloth.




School's out and it's time for some good holiday activities. I'll be sharing my marks/reviews of classes when I get them, probably some time in January.
For now, I'd like to discuss something very serious.
The show is incredible. For anyone who hasn't watched it, you should. Anyone me and my friends get to start watching becomes instantly hooked. Of course, if you start now, you'll be about 5 seasons behind. The last season starts in February and I'm very excited to finally get some ANSWERS! For anyone who doesn't know what Lost is about, basically a plane crashes on an island that is very very very special and mysterious. It's a mix of science fiction, supernatural and drama. It's the best.

Outfit today.
hat; joe fresh, jacket; xmas present, shirt; club monaco, pants; dynamite.

I hardly ever wear pants, it's crazy. Also, the hat was plain when I bought it but I like to dress it up with little felt handmade bows. I might change up the colour every so often.:)



these roses

school is almost finished, holidays are here. :)
This outfit isn't very exciting or different and you can't see the detail but I liked the look.
by the way, the title of my blog is one of my all time favourite songs by New Zealand's Gin Wigmore. 
When I got fight in these roses
I still can't be shared
I got stones in my pockets
I still can be scared
I keep you in my heart
To make this all harder


totally mad



It's funny how when email first came out and everyone was using it, getting a letter in the mail was super exciting because it showed some thought and was more endearing. Now with way more IM and social networking sites, it's exciting to get an email because it shows more thought, hah. Getting a letter nowadays gives most a heart attack.
jacket; mom's, sweater; the gap, tights; kiki




pour me a heavy dose of atmosphere

It's too cold to take outdoor photos without a jacket. Anyone have tips on how to take NICE pictures inside using just a canon powershot?
Anddd pictures from this weekend. It was a friend Nicole Henzel's birthday (18 woohoo), but somehow I didn't get a picture of the birthday girl! Well anyways, top to bottom: vicki, me&mylaine, me&nicole[pelleter].



flashbacks of a fool

It wasn't the best movie ever, but this scene really got me. I love it.
 The song is by Roxy Music - If there is something


baby it's cold outside

Is it so wrong to love this skirt so much?
I don't think so.
Next week sometime ( or maybe even this weekend ) my family and I are putting up decorations :) 
We have the typical array of mixmatched christmas trinkets, some made when I was a kiddie in school and others passed down. I do love it. However when I have my own house someday I want to have specific 'themes' for my christmas decorations instead of a mixmatch. For instance, a snowflake/snow theme where everything is white or silver and glittery. 

sweater; old navy, boots; sirens



Something weird is happening in Winnipeg. It's December 2nd and there still isn't much snow on the ground. It has finally started to snow but it always just instantly melts. I'll regret this later, but I wish it would snow a lot. December just isn't the same feeling without snow. :(

shirt; sirens (handydown from vickalish), skirt; modcloth, headband;icing by claires.