So...Last night was the ever-awaited roller derby, the first one in Winnipeg in 30 years. Keeping that in mind, I will nicely rate the event 4/10. I guess sometimes when you see movies (like Whip It) you have ideas about how it will be, but it just didn't turn out like that at all. We got there, and it turns out that the rink was flat rather than building the actual professional ramp-like rink. There were bleachers, a beer garden, and some chairs. The chairs were only for family or something and the beer garden you had to be over 18 (I was with some friends who were not). So we had to sit on the bleachers. It's hard to get 'pumped up' sitting down for stuff like this. I was expecting huge crowds to be gathered around the rink but it turns out, no one was allowed to stand other than the beer garden. 

So I was pretty excited when they were introducing the girls, it seemed like it was going to be very good. And then the game started...Everyone was kind of confused at the start because the skaters don't even skate fast. It seems more about strategy than fast paced, rough skating. The only time anyone really ever fell was if they tripped over themselves, and...I had to be an advocate for violence, but I thought that was sort of the point of roller derby! They didn't really go out of their way to check each other, and there was lots of penalties if they did. And then came the worse part of the whole thing. The Halftime. I don't understand it at all. They could have gone to a highschool and asked the dance team to do a performance and that maybe would have been even SLIGHTLY better. 

What they had was two "6th place US champion skaters" (they forgot to say like, 30 years ago) come out and skate. All they did was waltz around the stadium. For about 3 songs. At the very end, the female skater put her leg out and everyone screamed and cheered. I actually thought maybe I was the only sane person in the entire place to think it was completely...not good. Then they had belly dancers come out, which is not only irrelevant, but completely boring as they also did the exact same thing for about 8 minutes. Finally the game started again. Another thing is, there was no music or anything. Sometimes it would be completely silent when the commentators didn't have anything to say. We won, I think it was like 160-80, but we didn't even stay for the Rookie Rumble. I'm trying to think of why it was how it was, maybe because it was so public, they couldn't hurt each other...I have no idea. 

Anyways, ending a long rant now...I'm going to my uncles to watch the gold medal hockey game, Canada vrs USA. :) 
This is what I wore to derby;



  1. ah i love this dark outfit on you! that striped top is just gorgeous! and i love the sleeves on your blazer!! :)

  2. I love the simplicity of this look, and your hair and makeup are immaculate.

  3. lovely top and boots!
    aren't you just so proud to be Canadian? :)


  4. That sounds awful. I once went to a car race, and it was just as ridiculous. It wasn't silent (because the cars were extremely loud), but it was boring and pointless and there were rednecks cheering all around me.

    I love your blazer. And how do you get your hair to not fly all over the place in the wind? Or is it just not windy or something?

  5. yay!!! go canada!!!

    love your boots, dear! where did u get that?

  6. In regards to the hockey game

    And I've heard the rules to roller derby have changed because of a lack of proper protection. Not enough pads for what was a violent sport.
    I could be lying though, that's just what I've heard.

  7. You should have worn fishnets to derby! :D From your description, it sounded like a boring evenr...never mind. :)

  8. Cute top!

    I was just thinking "wow, her eyeliner is amazing!" and then I saw the tutorial below. Awesome!

  9. that sounds really lame...that jacket is fabulous! where did you get it?

  10. Ahaha! I went to a local roller derby recently too. Had pretty much the same reaction ;) The whole thing was fun, but didn't it seem REALLY long?

  11. ah! u have such a great blog!!!
    love that top ur wearing!!! ur stunning!


  12. Love this outfit!!! your skin is beautiful! I watched your make up tutorial below althou my speakers appear to be broken so i had no sound!! what foundation do you use? its such a great colour i cant get pale enough foundation for me skin,
    Vicki xo

  13. Thanks everyoneee!

    @ Angie: the jacket is from H&M :)
    @ Shannon: oh I KNOW! and the breaks they took were so long. We were going to stay for the rookies but they just took forever to get things going.
    @Vicki: The foundation is covergirl true blend surprisingly :) and it actually isn't the palest shade, I think it might be the 2nd or 3rd palest. So if you're look for something equally as pale or more pale, it's probably a good place to look.

  14. Oh and Sachi, sometimes it's super windy but it wasn't on that day. When it is, I just have to take a lot of photos and hope some of them turn out with non-windy hair. :)