favourite blog of the moment + FOREVER 21

I've decided to start doing 'blog of the moments', you know, my personal favourites. I'll likely update these once a week :) I already have a line-up in mind, and many of the blogs are already in my blogroll sidebar.
So, the blog of the moment is...

So what is Happiness, you ask? I found this blog with the help of Google analytic. I saw that I was getting hits off it, so I checked it out.(She did a post on my skirts :) ) Suddenly, I felt completely obsessed with it...The blogger (Shannon Eileen) and I have so many similar interests- from architecture to 70's style interior designs to 60's flight attendants. She finds the most unique and cute designs to share, here are just a few...

vintage television chair
70's interiors
hanger tea bags
glass homes

And last but not least, her many Lyrimages.
 I highly recommend you all take a long visit over to her blog. :)

Next, I saw this on the Forever 21 and squealed a bit...it's the new store located in the Los Cerritos Center at the southeast end of Los Angeles county. I really want to go, just to shop in it...It looks like a mall of its own. And it's so cutely decorated, right?
More info at the Forever 21 blog.



  1. I love Shannon- her blog is one of my favorites, too! It always puts a huge smile on my face.

    And a Forever 21 store that doesn't look like a bad garage sale that imploded on itself? Color me shocked! It looks CUTE!

  2. Aw girl....thank you!! I'm humbled :) I think you already know how much I love your blog. You're so beautiful with the sweetest retro style!! xoxo

  3. Forever21 really understands creating a strong shopping experience. They do it really well and I always love shopping there.

  4. gosh, that looks totally amazing! i would love to go there.


  5. omg!!! yes yes!!!! i would die to just be able to visit this store!!! hahaha! :D

  6. oh my god, so cute! the f21 at our local mall is a MESS, but this one looks so cute!

  7. your makeup is always perfect. I wish I could do eyeliner like that.