This week is just not my week. It's such a weird feeling to describe, everything I do just feels tacky and poor. School isn't going how I want, and I really just can't wait for reading week...
iIve decided to take some money from every check I get and save up for some makeup. I so lack in that field...my makeup is so old, gross and mostly from Walmart (which some things can be good, but I really want long lasting makeup)...I've only recently actually purchased anything from MAC, but I think that's what I'm going to go for. My list is as follows; foundation, powder coverup, concealer, primer potion (urban decay?), lipstick (maybe like 2 colours), a variety of brushes, black pencil liner and maybe some blush. Does anyone recommend any types or brands for these? Let me know.
Sorry for the verrry boring post, I'll probably do more next week that are more interesting.
Outfit today;
skirt; forever 21, shirt&blazer; urban behavior


  1. That blue is such a gorgeous color on you. Also, there is an award waiting for you on my blog... Annie.

  2. Congrats on the award above :)
    I love your outfit! I don't wear a lot of makeup but maybe try Benefit cosmetics for blushes. Also, MAC brushes are good so I hear. I know you didn't write mascara but if you are ever looking for one, the Clinique High Impact Mascara works wonders! And yes to Urban Decay primer even though I have the Smashbox primer which works well for me. Sorry I couldn't help more.


  3. i think you should try and go to sephora.. they have the best choices in make-up..
    at least some sales associate can really help you with what will work for your skin, liking and budget.. :D

  4. I'm sorry you're feeling blah about life at the moment - if it's any consolation, you look wonderful! I have only just stumbled across your blog, and I'm thrilled - you have such a beautiful personal style, and I can see the thought and attention to detail that goes into all your outfits.

    Love from New Zealand! :)

    Andrea xx

  5. ahh i love the blue and the striped top!! feel better dear<3 you're gorgeous without all that expensive make-up so don't worry too much about it!

  6. Urban decay primer potion for sure i loveee it (=

  7. I love your outfit. I just discovered your blog and I think it is wonderful. I have to go through your outfit posts now:-)

  8. I love this outfit, that bow is just too cute!

  9. I love the striped top with the blue skirt. So pretty. I wish I had advice on make up! Everything of mine is from Target. Hehe! :)

  10. How can I follow your blog? It's one of my all time favorites but the tabs at the top are gone :(

  11. Aw thanks Little Lady Luxury. I removed the top tab because I didn't like how it looked...but actually a few others have asked me this, so I finally added a google friend follow button on the side. Feel free to do bloglovin' as well, but I suddenly realize not everyone goes on bloglovin. Thanks so much!

  12. Cute outfit! I recommend MAC products for eyeliner and eye shadow but for cover up you should try bare minerals.

    Good luck!

  13. stunning outfit!
    i've fallen in love. (:
    and i know this has nothing to do with anything but your hair looks gorgeous.