Went to the mall looking to buy only two things: surface magazine and liquid eyeliner. Mall had neither, so I bought clothes instead. I really need to stop, but can't. Sigh. Afterwards I went to shoppers and did get the eyeliner though, finally. 
A quick review on "Dear John"; I would probably rate it 6.5/10. It had a good message and all and I did like them as a couple, but the trailer made it look more intense whereas the movie was more calm, slow and sort of had one of those sudden endings. My sister told me the ending of the movie is completely different from the book, which I will probably read soon.
I can't wait for spring...today was so nice (Round -10, maybe -5 when the wind stopped) and made me think of how much I want it. What I wore today:
sweater; abercrombie and fitch, skirt; forever 21, tights; anthropologie, bag; urban outfitters.

Did you notice that the skirt is from my wishlist? My parents brought me it from forever 21, as well as the bag, tights and sweater. I'm truly spoiled. 

To finish off this post, some eye candy. I got these from Happiness Is... and well, no other explanation needed.  
The last two are my favourite.



  1. I love your wonderland style! The blue goes really well with the yellow, but the brooch stands out!


  2. im glad to see you got the skirt you wanted!! you really look pretty in them! :D love the pictures!!! :D such a gorgeous couple! :)

  3. I adore all the colors you are wearing together. You look great!

  4. LOVE that outfit so so so much. You do a great job of adding color to your outfits and even your monochromatic outfits look wonderful.
    I <3 your skirt. My parents would never buy me anything on mine wishlist:P
    Did they know you had one?


  5. ahh you always make wearing color so effortless! i've been eyeing that bag from UO too! i love this whole outfit, as always :) and the editorial photos are so great! those last two photos are the sweetest!

  6. Where do you usually get Surface magazine?? I know here in Toronto, every Chapters/Indigo has Surface.

  7. Thanks everyone.
    Yes, hilariously my parents follow my blog haha. Also yes we have them at Chapters, but I guess they must be either sold out or between issues because they didn't have any there...:(

  8. Next time, you should go to a mall that has a Shoppers Drug Mart in it! :D Try one of those International News / Great Canadian News places, they usually carry a good selection of magazines. Good luck!

  9. Oh, yes, the last two pictures are so wonderful (I'm a Lost-addict too ;), yes!).

    I love the yellow tights, yaw, I've got two pairs! Now I need a pair of electric blue tighst... mmm, should go shopping too!

  10. I love your top and necklace.

    I went to the mall yesterday, spent a bunch of many and now have banned myself from going there for the rest of February!

  11. I love your sweet style! The tights are great. And the pictures breath taking... i see just love everywhere it makes me feel envy lol. By the way you inspired me for an outfit so check it out on my last post if you want, i would love to hear what you think!


  12. just found your blog love it already! this outfit is amazing, the yellow tights are amazing! would you like to trade links?

  13. You're outfit is adorable, I love the pops of colour with the monotone + your hair <3 followed btw.

  14. Love how you rocked the mustard tights.. Where in the world are you from???

  15. omg where did you find these pics? Looooove them! They both look gorge xx