hometown glory

My tentative To Do This Spring list.

• blog more 
• reread white oleander ( I can't remember the last time I read for fun...)
• spend more time with friends
• go to grand forks with my mom and sister! (that will take a lot of convincing...)
• look into "apparel design" at red river (a course on fashion design I want to take this summer)
• be more active (morning walks, jogs with my way more active friends)
• work on my cooking skills/bake more
• reread "architecture for dummies" + other architecture related books
• start my skirt sewing project
• save for Toronto trip
• work more
• take VITAMINS! (ahah, I should really start doing this as soon as possible, I'm sick of getting ill every couple of months!)

What about you? Any big aspirations for this spring season?
photos from paper tissue tumblr.

I'm way eager when it comes to dressing for the season. How springy is this outfit? I recently ordered 3 pairs of tights from We Love Colors [Click for Link]. These are the ivory tights, and I also ordered baby blue and light pink. They are such good quality and so soft, the shipping was free with the coupon code WHATIWORE.

striped tank; urban behavior, pink shiny scarf; gift from vicki, from le chateau, skirt; forever 21, tights; www.welovecolors.com




  1. Haha, you just gimme a text when you feel like going on those mornings walks and jogs. I'll be SHOCKED, shocked I tell you.

    When is this summer course I ask?
    Cute photos.

  2. This outfit is too cute! I especially love the colors of the skirt and the scarf :]

    Oh, tights! I want more tights...but I really don't need more until fall now.

  3. Vicki, I don't know much about the course yet but I think it is one night a week or something like that. I don't know when the semesters actually start, I gotta callll.

  4. Absolutely wonderful outfit. I love the ivory tights. They bring a nice brightness to the outfit :)
    I haven't been to Toronto in years! Have fun when you do go :)


  5. Such pretty spring photos. And I really love your outfit. I just may take you up on the tights discount code! Non-soft tights are the worst ;)

    P.S. I'm giving away vintage goodies today!

  6. love the color combo and the stripes!

  7. You look amazing! Love this outfit! Stripes are darling on you.