kitchen product daydreaming...

I think I'm going into a serious withdrawal from this flu. I had to leave early from work today and miss a social tonight because of it, I haven't seen my friends for what seems like weeks. So, while sitting alone on this fine saturday night...why not dream about all the cute kitchen accessories + products floating about in this world. It will be so fun to have all these things for my kitchen one day. 

1 - Clear teapot from Target.com ; 2 - Bird art from www.wildlife-artworks.com ; 3 - Rose apron from Modcloth ; 4 - Clear coffee cup with bees from Target.com ; 5 - Heart entertaining bowls from Modcloth ; 6 - Wildlife whisks from Modcloth ; 7 - Conversation plates from Modcloth ; 8 - Heart measuring cups


  1. That's so interesting how you dream of kitchen products :P
    I completely feel the same as you about not seeing my friends. In fact, I also mentioned it in a blog post too haha. It's a busy time of the year. Good luck with everything!


  2. you dont even like tea! lmao.
    cute cute though.