my apology + current favourite blog!

I know, I know. I've been such a bad blogger for the last while! I guess I will offer an explanation..
Last weekend, I worked and had a concert. I was planning to update either Monday or Tuesday at the latest. However, just as luck as it...I got really really sick and still am! Whenever I'm sick, I lose any ambition and couldn't even get out of bed nevermind think of something to write about here. :( I feel like I have a really bad immune system, especially because I always wash my hands and don't share drinks or anything like that. Does anyone have any ideas for boosting the immune system?
Anyways, since I also didn't dress up all week as I barely wanted to go to school or wear anything other than a cozy warm sweater, this post is just going to be a featured blog post...

This lovely fashion/lifestyle blog is shared by a couple by the names of Coco and Django. I first found out about this blog from seeing Coco's Chictopia. I personally love Coco's feminine and perhaps Parisian/French style. Asides from fashion, the blog focuses on design in general, music and also offers a handful of giveaways which is always a bonus. :)

Go check it out! Now now now! 
I will do my very best to get better and hopefully have some outfit posts up soon and more updating in general. 


  1. I love Coco and Django!


  2. great choice! hope you feel better soon.

  3. You have a great blog!! We love it!

  4. I love that blog, I've missed the updates :[

    Oh, I know what you mean, I used to get sick all the time! I've been taking a multi vitamin for about a month or two and I've actually felts LOADS better and haven't been sick for awhile

  5. Oh, Coco and Django are so much fun! I love her outfits!