orbiting & Project Post ONE

This isn't going to be a very interesting post for strictly fashion-lovers...so I will show you my outfit for the day and I suggest you read no further! 

Unfortunately these dot tights from Ricki's ripped today. I got probably 5 wears out of them. Also fashion related...I went to fabricland and bought some of this drapery for 70 percent off. I'm going to make a simple skirt out of it when I have more free time .

Today I also went shopping around the city for various pieces that I need for my design project. I got the perfect cardboard I needed, and it is actually really good quality unlike most boxes you would come across in scraps. Here is a photo reel of everything I bought. It all looks very boring - I know! But hopefully my final work turns out to be quite different. 

 I'm sure it all leaves much to the imagination! 


  1. I have no idea what you are doing with all these supplies here! But I am excited to find out! I love that dress. Perfection, and those heels!



  2. interested to see what becomes of all that stuff! I love the outfit, so sweet and dark

  3. Love love love the shoes & of course the outfit !

  4. Romantic look!
    I like it, its so cool and lovely


  5. Wow I'm interested in what you're making!
    Great outfit :)


  6. I'm very confused about what you would be doing with all of that. Hmmm.
    On another note, that dress is really wonderful, I adore the bow.

  7. I just went through your like entire blog because i am in love with your style and how you present yourself.you inspire me with your creativity :]
    and your art is badass haha

  8. I love your simple, sweet style. The shoes are killer!

  9. So sad to hear about the demise of the pretty dot tights. :( My deepest condolences. I sincerely hope you will be able to find replacements soon.

  10. Love the outfit and that fabric is so pretty!! :)
    got great make up giveaway on my blog, check it out if uve time :)
    vicki xo

  11. Where is that dress from? SO nice and probably completly unavaliable to british browsers but...