i still dream of running careless through the snow

This is going to be quite the mixed post. First, I'd like to direct you over to an interview I did for DISFUNKshion Magazine! It's also going to be in print and they are sending me a copy, I'll be sure to take some photos of that too
I also thought I'd show you all the new teapot I bought, as well as the other tights We Love Colors sent me, and a cute necklace I got at the Forks Market. I can't wait to wear them. 

And now to leave you with a song...Do you ever find a really really good song, not just a good song, but a song that you put on repeat on itunes, make it's own playlist on your ipod, and even put it on a cd so you can listen to it in the car? Well, here you go.



  1. Such beautiful things! I love the minty colour of the teapot with the pearls.

  2. I love the mint green color too!
    Cute teapot and necklace.


  3. I love the tights and the teapot and the bow...all of it! They are all such lovely romantic pieces...not to mention great colors!