Is anyone else in love with the newish wedges from Jeffrey Campbell? I know I have similar ones, but I mean...I've always dreamed of owning the iconic Acne wedges and these are way cheaper, yet still good quality. So many people think they are hideous...what do you think? They also come in white, but I think I could wear more outfits with the simple black pair.

photo from Where Did U Get That

Today I didn't do much. I worked (I loveeee getting eight hour day shifts. Night shifts really aren't fun.) and then after work I went to the mall with my sister and mom. Nothing too eventful happened, and this weekend is likely to be a bust as well. It better rain. This blazer goes with everything...I just had to wear it again. Same with the top. Both are from Costa Blanca. The "Jeggings" are from Garage - yes, I rather enjoy this trend. As long as the material is thick enough, I have no problem with wearing just leggings.
blazer and top from costa blanca, jeggings from garage, shoes from famous footwear.


  1. wow..lovely outfit...really love your style :D

  2. aaahh you're always looking stunning in these gray outfits!!! love that blazer.. i think i need to get one in costa blanca too! :D

  3. I hate my 8 hour shifts! They are so boring, night would be awesome to work.

    Love your outfit too!

  4. Yeah I agree with libys11, you looks really good in gray but you look great in colors as well :)
    I don't know how you manage to look so put together all the time. Love the outfit.
    To be honest, I know those wedges are all the rage right now but I don't like them. Some people can pull it off but anyone with a chunkier and shorter leg like me might want to stay away from them. They are not flattering on me.


  5. I love the jeggings! I've yet to try them, but I looked at the picture before reading what they were and they had me fooled! They look quite comfy actually. I love this look :)

  6. you're so pretty, you make jeggings look chic and expensive too :)

  7. I love your outfit! So pretty and feminine. ^^

  8. Oh you just look so amazing. I love the jeggings on you, ah!

  9. i don't know why people diss the jeggings look so much, i think it's fine as long as you have the legs to pull it off. you look lovely, and i love your blog i think we have very similar style :) you've inspired me to start putting up my own pics soon!


  10. I like those wedges, have to say.

    Also, enjoying that blazer! I will have to go to costa blanca soon, I haven't been since I lived in Ottawa since we don't have one here on pei.. always such great and wallet friendly finds. :)