the end...

*Major spoiler alerts in this whole post*
Well, it's over. Although I wish I maybe made watching the last episode a bit more special, I still enjoyed it. I have this particular way about how I like to finish things. For instance, when I read the last Harry Potter book I locked myself in my room for 12 hours so I wouldn't be interrupted. I mean, can you imagine reading the last chapters of that book in a crowded room? It just doesn't click, there is no connection.
For awhile through the last season of Lost, I was worried the show was losing touch with all these characters they had so closely introduced, and explored. It seemed to be turning focus onto Jacob and the whole idea of a successor for an island - which was sometimes impersonal. The last episode definitely redeemed the importance of each and every character. I think the quote Live Together, Die Alone had some significance in the finale - seeing as they could not truly 'die' or move on without being together with those who held the greatest importance. Many wondered why people like Anna Lucia and Michael weren't in the final church scene - but remember when Michael explains to Hurley (in the forest when Hurley asks if there are 'others like him' on the island), that many of them cannot move on because of what they did - or perhaps they existed in a separate waiting room with the people who were most important to them. Black and white, life and death, good and evil were all important themes in the series- and all turned out to be parallel and coexisting with one another. The island was real, as Christian said, everything that happened was real, and although some died after the island (people like Kate, Miles, the ones who left on the plane), they all ended up with ultimately the same fate, in the same waiting room (or purgatory, in the sideways world). Other themes that stood out to me in the series strongly were love, friendship, the circle of life, the contrast between seeing/believing, faith, and of course redemption. As the flashbacks/memories came to each character in the final episode, it almost always came from what or who they loved most- revealing true love. Example, Locke got his memory back from seeing his toes move- walking was his true love. 
The series had always revolved around Jack, and it ended in the same way. In fact, Jack was always my favourite character from the start. The last moments of Lost, with Jack laying down beside the bamboo trees, and closing his eyes...so good.

Other favourites...
My favourite scenes. Definitely "Walk-About", the scene were John is told he cannot go on the walkabout, the moment when the camera zooms away and you see his wheelchair for the first time. Then his theme song plays, and it flashes back to when he crashed, finding out he could now walk, and then it starts to rain.
Also "Greatest Hits" where Charlie goes through his life, ending with meeting Claire. The season finale for season 3 where Charlie drowns is also super sad and always touching to watch...
"The Constant", where at the end Desmond finally calls Penny - who has been waiting for this call for a very long time."Par Avion" where we get a glimse into Claire's life...
Sure, there are still some unanswered questions, such as the numbers, which have so many references and occur randomly, intentionally and by fate...Lost, I will love you always.
Whatever happened, happened.


  1. wow.. i've never watched lost in full.. i would always catch in on tv about thrice per season, but everytime i do, i find the whole show intriguing.. and eventhough i dont know anything about the characters and story, i still find myself staying glued and watching the whole episode. it's true what you say about the themes in the show are. eventhough i've only seen, maybe 10 episodes, there's always that good vs. evil thing going on and they present it in such a weird but interesting and moving way, like you want to be part of the show somehow. hahaha!

    maybe one day, i will get to see the whole series and i'll really learn to appreciate it like you do. i have high regards to the show itself because a lot of people are raving about it. (i mean, they were given rights to a 2.5 hours final episode, that's saying something already!).

  2. I loved it. I was an emotional wreck afterwards though. I will genuinely miss this show and the characters.

    Great post! x

  3. i love your skirt!!
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  4. I loved the ending. It came to tell us that we don't have to know everything in life (ie the numbers, the poorly explained reason why Locke was a good guy in a bad guy's body, etc.) All in all, there is a sense of spirituality in everything.
    I'm not an atheist but I have lots of friends who are- and they were very baffled by the ending.
    It also made me a little sad that Ben didn't enter the church in the end. I know he was carrying the guilt of what he had done, but even with the forgiveness of others, it wasn't enough and it broke my heart a little he didn't take the grace like the others have.
    I've also read that some people believe everyone died at the plane crash from the first episode, but that's so defeats the point of a show- what a sad story they are missing out on.
    Phew! I always read your blog but I had to jump out of my Google reader to finally comment! :) I love having this discussion with a fashion blogger!

  5. i was so happy reading this amazing, amazing, The End review. Lost is absolutley the best show ever and i will always love it too, cause if dont live together we will die alone.