Today is my birthday - the big ol' 19. I celebrated with my friends last night; we went to dinner and then a movie. Let's just say Inception is AMAZING. I didn't think it was that hard to follow either. I'm a little out of sorts because my laptop was taken into the shop to get a new battery, and I won't have it back for some time. I'm currently using my desktop computer, and I'm not used to not having my photoshop and fonts.I was spoiled for my birthday this year. I took photos of everything, not to brag but I was super excited ! The biggest surprise was recieving a tablet from my parents - the intuos one! Apparently they had planned on getting me it far before I blogged about it or figured I should get one. Good thing I was waiting it out and didn't just go buy one. Here's what I wore last night, and everything I recieved. Prepare for a lot of photos.
dress from New York and Company. shoes from Wet Seal.

 purse from aldo from parents
My sister made me a scrapbook of all my outfits, which was so cute of her. This will be great to show my grandkids..."Look how cuhhrazyyy granny used to dress!"
top from joe fresh styles
shoes from aldo
SCREAMS. Tablet <3
gag gift...but I actually adore them.

Ahh, my dream come true! This was from etsy I believe.
So adorable. Now I have to have a tea party.
This movie is so good. I'm glad I own it now <3
Drools. From Le chateau.
From joe fresh styles.

I also got some underwear and scratchcards, which I won 2 dollars on, WOO. Tonight I'm going out with the fam to Red Lobster - mmm! Hope you all have a lovely day.


  1. Congrats on the big 1-9! Wasn't Inception amazing! Joseph Gordon Levitt is the best. I love all the gifts you got, expecially those aldo shoes and of course the tablet. I really love your dress to!

    The Girl in the Paper Dress

  2. Sounds like a lovely birthday! You got some awesome stuff!

  3. Wow...amazing presents! I really adore the etsy necklace. Happy birthday!

  4. happy birthday, dear! i'm so glad you've had such a beautiful day. :) your dress is so pretty!

  5. I'm glad you had fun. <3
    Tablet tablet. We should try iscribble together sometime. i was gonna try and make you some bow accessories but I didn't realize it was so close. Maybe next year~

  6. happy birthday!!! shout out to all us leos! or july babies.

  7. Happy birthday girl! Love the photo blog, keep posting pics! We'll never tire of them :P

  8. happy happy 19th birthday! you're a year closer to being out of your teen years!


  9. Wow, great gifts! Love those aldo shoes & that's soo cute that your sister made you a little style scrapbook! Happy birthday!!

  10. Amazing gifts! I love the shoes and the tablet!! Happy birthday!!

  11. Love love love the dress you're wearing in these photos, and you look absolutely beautiful! Happy Birthday!!! I thought you were older :x

  12. HBD my dear! I am super jealous of your Aldo brogues and your etsy necklace. I wish my sister would make a scrapbook of me although it seems highly unlikely to happen seeing as I despise pictures :P


  13. Happy birthday!

  14. Happy birthday! You look great, as usual. Awesome presents. I can't wait to see how you style the new clothes.

  15. awesome gifts!! happy bday, dear!!! hope you had a good one!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. That's awesome that you got your tablet! I absolutely love the dress you wore! It's so different! And your make-up looks fantastic!

    And it looks like you really got a great haul of gifts! I love the shoes and the necklace! Beautiful!

    Ce qui m'inspire

  17. omg what a wonderful bday haul!! i can't wait to see how you wear everything :) happy birthday dear! you looked so gorgeous in that simple dress!

  18. Happy Bday honey!!!!! What amazing gifts you got, the scrapbook is wonderful! Enjoy your evening with the fam


  19. Happy Happy Birthday!! We're birthday sisters... but I'm far from being 19! hee hee. It's your last year being a teenager. Enjoy it. Looks like you had a fabulous birthday. Great gifts! And what is that tablet thing? Is it like a computer?

    Here's to a fabulous year to you!

    xx Love & Aloha

  20. Wow! Third photo is beautiful! And the necklace(wathces) is fabulous!

  21. Happy belated birthday! You got some really awesome presents!! I love the necklace, hope you had a really great day :)

    L x


  22. Happy birthday :) Your dress is very festive and great for the occasion :) I want that bucket purse from Aldo!!!


  23. wow, you cleaned up! i wish i got a haul like that on my bday!

  24. I hope your birthday is fantastic!!

  25. Happy birthday, and that scrapbook is such a cute idea (:

  26. happy happy birthday!!! it sounds like you had a fun one! you got some amazing gifts! i LOVE those scarves, the watch necklace and the tea set- so cute!!!!
    xx. alyssa


  27. Wow such wonderful things! Love your tea set and necklace <3! Happy Birthday!