I'm homee.
The trip went rather well. Nicole and I spent tons of time in the mall, and also went to the amusement park. Too bad we only had one day...well, actually it's alright because I had already spent all my money and reallly didn't need to spend more. I didn't get much reading done during the car rides - I often just like listening to music and watching out the window, but I read the Kite Runner on the way home. It has definitely become a favourite. 
Here's some photos of things I bought.
high rise jeans and notebooks from urban outfitters.
owl necklace,sheer blouse, cube necklace, rings, rustic orange scarf , bow sweater, striped sweater, green top from forever 21.
  striped oversized sweater, dot tights, lace shoulder top, sheer blouse yellow dress and headbands from H&M
  2 berets - green from forever 21 and blue from H&M., purple sweater from H&M, green from Gap.

tiger top and red corduroys from delias

Notice anything odd? I bought no skirts and actually bought PANTS! For some reason, I couldn't really find any skirts, not even in forever 21. Anyways, it was a great trip.


  1. Well I was going to say 'I love....' but I can't pick on thing. All the things you brought look great, I can't wait to see how you style them :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  2. Love all this things :]


  3. beauty stuff, I love it!

    greetings from

  4. Nice shopping spree! That owl pendant is adorable :) xo

  5. Awesome stuff. :) The stuff you picked out are really cool! My favorite would have to be that bow sweater, very cute.

  6. absolutely love your purchases, dear!

  7. All these are nice, but I really love the 4 tops from forever 21, especially the sheer blouse and the bow sweater!

  8. Holy crap why didn't they have any of that adorbs stuff at the F21 I went to?? Bah! At any rate... I love all of these pieces and can't wait to see how you style them!

  9. aaaahhh.. you're like me (since we both live in winnipeg), everytime i go somewhere, i always just buy stuff from f21, uo and h&m!!!! awesome loot!! :D cant wait to see you in them this fall!

    Animated Confessions

  10. What cute goodies! I'm so jealous of all this stuff :)


  11. I love it all! Wish we had an H & M near me. And I can never find that cute of stuff in the forever 21 near me. I always have like 300 things on my wishlist, but when I go into the store I'm always disappointed. Good work!

  12. Some great finds! I love all the accessories.

  13. you found some great items! I want those blouses and cardigans especially!

  14. Those are some great purchases! Can't wait to see what you do with them.

  15. I like seeing what you bought and am excited to see everything styled. I haven't really seen anyone posting purchases on their blog before, I like it. :D

  16. Cute! I like the cube necklace.

  17. Ah I JUST bought that owl necklace on Monday! I love it. Seriously some cute stuff. I really want colored corduroys for Fall, I have a brown pair but I want more vibrant ones! (But not too vibrant!)