no, not now

Thanks for all the questions! I hope I answered them decently.

I'm curious as to what other things interest you career-wise. I very much related to your recent post concerning school - it was so hard for me to choose a career path and I wanted so badly to incorporate my creative side...it wasn't easy! I would love to know what other areas you looking into!

I'm still pretty lost, but lately I've been thinking about teaching, business or pharmacy. Pros of teaching for me is that is seems fun, you can incorporate your creative side, be in a social environment, have good hours and also wear what you want ( to an extent of course, and in most schools ). Business might be something I look into a little later in life. It's slightly tedious and requires taking risks which I can't say I'm good at, but I think I'm ambitious and can be a decent leader, so who knows. Pharmacy is a concrete job that is in demand right now in my city. The pay is wonderful, little schooling in comparison to med school (but I would have to start all over basically, so that's a con), and I'm not sure how great the hours would be. There are little creative outlets to a career in pharmacy (you clearly can't be very fashionable in a lab coat) but I'm not sure if I even want to put my creative side to work, sigh. I know some of these pros and cons I listed seem silly...

I'm curious of your favorite things to do in the city. I live here too and it bores me sometimes, especially at night... 

Nice to meet you, fellow Winnipegger. Things I do in the city are go see movies (lots and lots of movies), go shopping (I made a post awhile back about different spots in Winnipeg), hang out at the forks/osborne/places like thattt, and go out to dinner/try eating at new places (I recently went to a place called Bangkok Thai on osborne, deliciousss). I also like bowling but haven't been in awhile. In terms of nightlife, I've only ever really been to Stereo nightclub. It's pretty trashy but fun if you're with friends.

What time do you think you began your love affair with fashion? Was it at a certain age you decided you wanted to have this or that style or did it happen gradually? And what process did you go through to have your style today?

I've always loved fashion...I can't really remember where it began or if it ever wasn't there. I remember getting excited over my mom buying me my first pair of jeans. I was influenced by my sister's fashion growing up. She was really into style and shopping. I went through some terrible fashion stages though; Goth, 'emo', 'scene', then gradually to where I am today. I'm sure in a year or so I'll look back and say this was terrible too. Also, it's hard to have a style if you don't have a job/money to buy clothes with. I got my first job at A&W (hah, torture) and then I could have some money for shopping.

do u still have a bf u dont talk about him anymore?

No we aren't together anymore, haven't been for nearly a year.

what's your fashion inspiration?
I know you have an inspiration page, but what things inspire you most?
different color blocks together?
people on the street?
celeb style?
runway shows...etc...etc.

My fashion inspiration changes quite frequently.  Right now for fall, I really love the colours burnt orange, dark forest green, black, brown, cream and grey. I rarely look at runway shows. I'm inspired by the character Emma Pillsbury from glee, and I used to love Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl until I started hating the show. I still like her style, I just don't see it as much as I don't watch the show. I'm also inspired by other looks on lookbook and chictopia. For instance, I'm OBSESSED with this girl's outfit and I'm trying to figure out how to get a hold of the tights...: http://lookbook.nu/look/1124549-Bows-pretty-things

What did you want to be when you grow up?
What's your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

I wanted to be a fashion designer, dolphin trainer, paleontologist, teacher, owner of some sweet boutique, carnie ( haha ) and also in my highschool years I thought I wanted to be a doctor.
My favourite piece ...that's a hard one. It is probably my floral skirt from forever 21, I wear it so much. See here: http://www.chictopia.com/photo/show/307691-as+true+as+the+sea-brown-aldo-shoes-orange-forever-21-skirt-white-urban-behavior-dress

I attend the U of M and kinda worship you. Would you think its super creepy if I wanted to meet up and talk? I'm taking Environmental Design this year (its my first year! :D) and it sounds like I could get some much-needed advice from you.

Haha, no I've definitely had creepier! I'd be happy to meet up with you (I reviewed your blog and concluded you aren't a murderer). Email me at the_thriftstore@hotmail.com and we'll talk about it.

Just curious to know what some of your favorite bands are.

The Weepies
Regina Spektor ( not a band, but y'know )
The Decemberists
Belle and Sebastian
Elton John (also nottt a band)
Metric/Emily Haines
Tegan and Sara

I also love musical soundtracks, especially RENT, Moulin Rouge, Across the Universe, and Glee. AND WIZARD ROCK.
what's your ideal man?
Aspects that would be important to me in a boyfriend are ambition, intelligence, humor and loyalty (okay, I know this is a trait a dog might have, but I just mean I'm not the type of girl who would be 'cool' with my boyfriend flirting with other girls, even if it doesn't mean anything...). Style is a plus too of course. I like guys who wear suits and fancy shoes. Having interests is pretty important too. I know it seems impossible, but I've met people who don't seem to have any specific interests. I'd ask, "So what kind of movies do you like?" and they just say, "I don't know, anything thats on." I HATE THAT. One super important thing is that he likes cats. There's probably more but I don't want to seem super picky haha.

who or what makes u start fashion blog?? why? :)

No one, but I randomly found chictopia. I wasn't even planning on uploading photos but one day I really liked my outfit so I decided to try and take a picture. After some time on chictopia, I decided to try out my own blog. I never even expected anyone to read it.

Do you feel that it's harder to be on the edge of fashion as a Canadian with our clothing supply and demand situation?

No, not harder but different. Here in Winnipeg we don't have Forever 21, H&M, Urban outfitters, or Zara, so it just forces you to shop elsewhere and maybe be a little more creative. Plus it's pretty exciting when you go to the states and can shop at these stores.

What is your favourite international food? 
Ahh, I don't know! I'm not super adventurous when it comes to food. I recently discovered I like sushi and thai food though. I love authentic mexican salsa and chips with guacamole dip, though I haven't had it in foreverrr.
I'm Mikan, an Italian girl who would like to live in Canada.
How is to live in Winnipeg? You attend university, right? What type of course you have chosen?
I'm very curious! thanks <3

Hi Mikan! Living in Canada is pretty saweet, I guess. Italy seems lovely though, so I'm jealous. I do attend university. This semester I'm taking the following courses:
Evil in World Religions, Medieval History, History of Colonial Canada and Physical Anthropology. Ranked in order by how much I enjoy them~~

    Hmm I'm hoping to have your read your blog enough to know some of the questions but I don't think i've ever heard you say what your favorite band is. I'm curious to know :)

see above! :) I guess if I had to pinpoint one, it would be The Weepies.

Tonight I'm going to see THE OWLS OF GAHOOL or whatever it's called har har. Today was a simple fall day at school. 
 boots from spring, sweater from joe fresh, blouse from forever 21, scarf from le chateau, tights from costa blanca.


  1. Great Q&A session!

    Enjoy the Owls of Gahool tonight! :)

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  3. this was really neat. im jealous though, ive never seen you at the u of m before. :(

  4. I really love those boots! And The Weepies are some of my favorites too [along with Regina Spektor]. They're all I listen to when I study. :)


  5. ok, first of all, I just want to say that the way you do your hair and makeup is gorgeous. Love the Q&A you seem like a completely genuine and all around awesome person :)

  6. Love your musical tastes - the decemberists are my absolute favorite, and I also lovelove metric, tegan & sara, and coldplay. Also loving your tights here! Definitely going to have to check out costa blanca & see if they're still there. So cute!

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  8. THANKS YALL. :3

    Aubrey - what kinds of classes do you take??! I'm usually walking between tier, university college and fletcher.

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    check out Laura Marling, I think you'd really like her!
    thanks for answering my question!

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