Ask me anything (well, almost anything) and I'll answer your questions in a future post.


  1. I'm curious as to what other things interest you career-wise. I very much related to your recent post concerning school - it was so hard for me to choose a career path and I wanted so badly to incorporate my creative side...it wasn't easy! I would love to know what other areas you looking into!


  2. I'm curious of your favorite things to do in the city. I live here too and it bores me sometimes, especially at night...

  3. Can you come to California plox.

    Actually no, what time do you think you began your love affair with fashion? Was it at a certain age you decided you wanted to have this or that style or did it happen gradually? And what process did you go through to have your stlye today?

  4. do u still have a bf u dont talk about him anymore?

  5. what's your fashion inspiration?
    I know you have an inspiration page, but what things inspire you most?
    different color blocks together?
    people on the street?
    celeb style?
    runway shows...etc...etc.

  6. What did you want to be when you grow up?
    What's your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?

    Random questions, for the win, haha. :)

  7. I attend the U of M and kinda worship you. Would you think its super creepy if I wanted to meet up and talk? I'm taking Environmental Design this year (its my first year! :D) and it sounds like I could get some much-needed advice from you.

    I know I'm a creeper, I'll live with that. XD

  8. Just curious to know what some of your favorite bands are.

  9. whats your ideal man?


  10. i really love your blog and style.seriously.do visit my blog if u hav time


  11. who or what makes u start fashion blog?? why? :) hahaa,, typical question but just wanna know if u dont mind.


  12. Do you feel that it's harder to be on the edge of fashion as a Canadian with our clothing supply and demand situation?

  13. are u a mixed-blood, cuz i think you look different from north american girls. maybe you have Japanese gene?

  14. What is your favourite internaional food?

  15. Hello,
    I'm Mikan, an Italian girl who would like to live in Canada.
    How is to live in Winnipeg? You attend university, right? What type of course you have chosen?
    I'm very curious! thanks <3

  16. Hmm I'm hoping to have your read your blog enough to know some of the questions but I don't think i've ever heard you say what your favorite band is. I'm curious to know :)

  17. Hi dear Breanne, well I hope you read this, I gave you an award on my blog http://amylosis.blogspot.com
    I just hope you can see it, maybe you do not understand what it says because is in Spanish, but if you want to post your award all you have to do is to answer some questions that I leave here and you have to copy the image (that's the award).

    Nominate to 8 posts and warn them that they've nominated by a comment. Add a question at the end of the tag before giving it and say who gave you the award.

    · Do you get along with your mother-in-law?
    · What is your challenge?
    · What would you say to your boss if you win the lottery?
    · What would you do if you found out someone is lying?
    • If your house is burning and you can only save one thing what saved?
    · You enter a room with many people, what do you do? .
    · See the glass half full or half empty?
    · You find a magic lamp, 3 wishes what you ask?
    . What is your favorite song?
    The question that I would add is: What is your favorite musical instrument?