the september sun

This weekend was mainly spent catching up on homework- which I didn't actually mind. Today however, my mum and I went shopping! These boots were the main purchase.
brown boots from spring

In addition I bought 2 cozy sweaters and a plaid top from Joe, a long cardigan from Urban Behavior, & some earrings and an orange small purse from Spring. I also went and got some Christmas ribbon (I'm really into wrapping presents nicely hah, and wrapping supplies become so expensive around the christmas season). After that I went to Value Village to get some parts for my costume for Halloween (Max from Where the Wild Things Are)...I like to actually make my costumes (whether it be from scratch or from bits and pieces put together). I really dislike those store-bought generic costumes, which are rather pathetic excuses for dressing skimpy. 
 top from delias, skirt from american apparel, tights from H&M. 

I forgot to blog about this - but the first episode of Glee was amaazzzinggg. I can't wait for the rocky horror picture show episode!


  1. This is too adorable! I love making my own costumes as well, I feel like the other store bought ones are... pathetic to say the least. I'm really liking those boots, are they over the knee? :)

  2. Adorable. I love your shirt!!

    xx Love & Aloha
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  3. This is such a pretty and perfect outfit! I love this top on you - and the color of your hair :) eeep..love this!! x

  4. those brown boots are absolutely gorgeous!

  5. totally loved GLEE too!!!!! :D aaaaaahhhhhh!!! :)

    Animated Confessions

  6. fffff. Yeah I hate slutty costumes. Also I wanna be Princess Peach but the cuter of the costumes is the slutty one. I want to make a legit costumeee. I think I'll just end up being Hinata, the one in the purple wig if you've seen it. PS. moving to Canada where all the good backgrounds are.

  7. you look great! Shoes are amazing! I like it so much!

    greetings from

  8. I love your tights! And I totally agree with you on the Halloween costume matter.

  9. I can't sew myself, but I try and put costumes together with things from thrift stores too. I hate the skanked up store bought costumes

  10. cute outfit! Love your make-up :]


  11. Nice outfit. I love the top it's such a great design :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  12. You have an enviable cat-eye! So pretty... the tee is clever and fun too!

  13. Your hair is gorgeous! So shiny and pretty

    -Shoeless Simone