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Khaled Hosseini has become one of my favourite authors. Since reading his books, I'm more interested in Afghanistan history and culture. I'm hoping that my university has a 3rd year history class that covers some of the historical topics/references that are depicted in the book. It is honestly impossible to choose which one I enjoyed more as both had incredibly executed themes. The Kite Runner focused on friendship, family redemption, discrimination and nationality, whereas A Thousand Splendid Suns focused on gender role, shame, human endurance, oppression/hope and also friendship. I often value books that are centralized around friendship and family ties much more than love stories. Both are great reads, but as I lack the skills to provide a proper book report, I'll just direct you to Amazon  [The Kite Runner], [A Thousand Splendid Suns] if you want to know more specifics about the plot. Next I'm going to read Angela's Ashes.
sweater from joe fresh, boots from aldo, skirt and hat from forever21.



  1. you look great! I like your skirt, sweater, boots and hat and everythings is so awesome!

    greetings from

  2. That sweater looks so comfy! And I love the Kite Runner. Such a great read.


  3. Two really great books! And Angela's Ashes is on my to read list too. At the moment I'm reading Don't Let's Go To The Dogs Tonight. It's based in South Africa.

  4. I loveeeeeeeeeeee your hat! I always wanted one, but never got a chance to buy one... you suit it a lot. Your outfit is lovely too.

  5. Both of those books have been on my to-read list foreeeeever, but I've never gotten around to it! But they sound amazing!
    And I love your skirt, the bows are adorable! :)

  6. I've never read any of those books I must admit, but I've seen the movie, "The Kite Runner." It is a really nice, heartfelt story=)

  7. love your outfit. isn't the title from chuck palahniuk's "invisible monsters"? or am i mistaken?

  8. I've heard about 'The Kite Runner' this week. I might just check it out. Your outfit looks nice and cosy with that big cardigan :)

  9. Oh wow, that sweater is from Joe Fresh? I gotta go shopping!


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  10. Hi Breanne! I'm Mikan again^^
    First of all, thanks a lot for the answer!!! I'd like to live in Winnipeg and understand how things work abroad!
    University in Italy is very different, there is only one course in which graduate with many subjects in it like sub-courses.
    For example, I graduated in Oriental Languages and Civilizations at Faculty of Oriental Studies, I did about thirty tests in many subjects like Japanese literature, art history of China and Japan, Italian literature, etc....
    You will graduate in what exactly?
    Sorry if I'm too intrusive but I'm just curious! XD

    p.s.: you look so great!!! I love your style! And... I love your garden *___* so oriental style >_>

  11. Your hair looks really nice like that. I love the hat and the skirt. The whole outfit is cute, but you must have died in that sweater; it's been so nice out lately.
    The second Hosseini book looks interesting. I just wish I had time to read non-school books.
    I remember a few posts ago you said you're taking Biological Anthropology. Who's teaching the class? I'm a new Anthropology PhD student at UofM and physical anthropology is my specialty. If ever you need some help, feel free to contact me.

  12. I've also read the book "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and it is my all-time favourite! I should read the other one, too. ^^

  13. great post and love love lvoe what your wearing x

  14. these were both such amazing books, I really enjoyed them both. Have you read Three Cups of Tea? It's non-fiction, but super interesting.

  15. you look beautiful :)