i lose my way searching for stage lights

Halloween was so exciting as a kid. My sister and I would go trick or treating with my Dad, who would bring the car so we could dump our candy in there when the bag (homemade and so cute by my mom) was too heavy. We would literally run to every door, and either yell "TRICK OR TREAT" or "HALLOWEEN APPLES". I'm not sure why we yelled the second one...When we got home, my mom would help us sort through the candy, getting rid of the no-doubt poisonous candy (little baggies of popcorn and such haha, paranoiaaa.). 
I'm still excited for Halloween nowadays, but now it's all about parties and such - which COULD be fun. When I have my own place, I plan to have an awesome Halloween party with awesome/scary decorations and food.
What did you do on Halloween as a kid?
tights from winners, shoes from aldo, necklace from forever 21.XO.


  1. Big neighborhood block parties that I miss terribly. Halloween makes me nostalgic. Your orange tights are very october. :)

  2. LOVE the orangey rust colored tights! And your new page illustration is adorable too!

  3. i love the tights. it is perfect for this beautiful outfit! <3
    i love everything about halloween..the weather, the candy, and the memories.

  4. I grew up in the Philippines, which is really American-ised so they celebrate Halloween on a huge scale - unlike Australia where I'm from originally. They used to have all these street patrollers blocking off roads and there would be hundreds of kids walking around filling up their bags with candy. I lived in quite a wealthy area too so some of the houses went all out with fairy floss, icecream and popcorn machines. Ahh good times

  5. We didn't celebrate Halloween where I grew up, but I love seeing how much effort and creativity people put in their decorations and costumes here!
    I love your heart necklace!

  6. I always went to the " Moviepark". Every year there is a "Halloween Horror Party" And It's always soo funny :)
    (sorry for my bad english)
    Oh and your Outfit is lovely !

  7. i love your new header.......you look cute....love your tights..!!!

  8. Same as you! Except my mom didn't care about bagged candy. I can't wait to grow up and take my kids trick or treating myself. Definitely going to make them pay me a walking fee of kit-kats.

  9. I love the color your tights and sweater is so beautiful, great outfit!

    greetings from

  10. My oldest sister used to make our costumes and take us trick-or-treating, it was always so fun!

  11. love your tights! Beautiful outfit :]

    Stay happy & Live.Laugh.Love.