but the ground remembers her

As you may or may not know, I am the crazy cat lady. I constantly start debates with dog-lovers and love defending the LOVELINESS of cats. Here are some of the photos I've collected of cuteee cats.

& the cutest of all, my kitty. 

Unfortunately I don't know the original sources for the photos. If ANY of these belong to you, please either email me or comment and I will put credit where needed. 
If you love cats, go to my bestie's blog about her adorable cats. I love their personalities and how they interact with one another.

And less cute, here was what I wore today;
mustard yellow "dress" from H&M, pink cardigan from forever 21. skirt homemade.


  1. What you wore is still pretty cute! What a great pattern on your skirt.

    I just found a kitty today, he was shivering and his ears are partly frozen off (it's about -30 C today). Poor little guy! He is fat and happy and warm now. A little scared but I guess I have a new cat!


  2. Your skirt is adorable and the kittens are pretty cute. lol. I am totally a cat person too. :)

  3. Those kittens are beyond adorable. I think you just jumpstarted my kitty maternal instincts!

  4. omg.... what a cute kitty post! teehee!!! i watch ellen all the time and she always features kitten videos. hahahaha!!!! too adorable!!

    i love how you're embracing color in your outfit at this time of the year!! :D

  5. LOL at your cat post. I'm the same way.

    Like how you mixed the yellow/orange into this outfit. It would've been so easy just to do a white shirt.

  6. Luv this cute kitty post & ur outfit, amazing ;)

  7. cats are FAR superior than dogs, i believe. ;)
    adorable photos!

    and your outfit post is just as adorable. i love the colors. what kind of camera do you have, may i ask?

    xx elanor
    p.s. followinggg!

  8. Your outfit is sooper cute! You are soo so pretty:X and you do have a great style:)

    xoxo sere

  9. Awww I adore cats too and actually just had a debate over cats or dogs last night! I'm now going to post these photos all over his facebook ahah!

  10. I don't know how you're less cute than the cat. I love that skirt. Is there a link to a tutorial on something like that?

  11. sweet photos!! you look great! skirt is lovely!

    greetings from

  12. I love you even more knowing you're a crazy cat lady! :) xo

  13. Great outfit, esp love the pattern on the skirt!!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  14. Cute cats *_*
    And your outfit is soo nice! :)

  15. Cute cat photos and love that skirt! x

  16. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! I luv kitties too! I have one myslef, named Jasper. But your outfit is just the cutest! I just luv that skirt!

  17. those cat pictures have definitely turned me!
    The colours you use are so lovely, as well. very autumny :)

  18. I'm a cat lady too! there's nothing cutest then cats. I remember somewhen I had a big discussion with my friends about cats and dongs. it was like one cat lady vs. 5 dog nuts, so guess who won. not me. but I still love cats and someday I'm gonna have at least 2 cats :)
    btw, love your skirt. but somehow you look very sad. hope I'm wrong and your not sad :)

  19. This is awesome!!
    Your style rocks if you ask me!!!
    the kitties.. ok haha i am not a big cat person but i will tell you that you have made me want one!! hahaha

    you have inspired me!!!
    Come check me out


  20. I always tell my son that he has cat eyes because they're huge and envious. You've got some amazing eyes. Great outfit, too!

    I always considered myself a dog person because we always had dogs growing up. So what did we do? We got a cat two years ago. We don't have the schedule to devote to a dog. We don't neglect our cat; he's just more self-sufficient. He acts like a dog, so we have the best of both worlds. I was just looking at him about an hour ago and thought I should take a pic. He has beautiful green eyes.

    Anyway, just discovered your blog and am bookmarking it. I look forward to seeing more DIY pieces.

  21. such a gooorgeous outfit, adore the colours! Lovely blog you`ve got, I`ll definitely follow you, hope might follow me back:)


  22. oh what a lovely discovery! I am the other cat mad lady ;) my goodness these are utterly adorable. And your outifit is as pretty as the feline pictures! You used beautiful colors. I will be gladly following your blog!

  23. Hi!
    I know this blog post is old and the picture's not mine, but I know the source of one of them, it's one of my favourites on DA!