Awhile back my friends and I made plans to get Harry Potter related tattoos before the last movie comes out. I'm not sure if I've expressed it too much here, but Harry Potter has uh...a staple in my life since I was probably 10-11 years old. The books have been timeless for me and I don't remember a year since I began reading them that I didn't re-read at least 2 of the books. When the last book came out my friends and I went to a Midnight release Harry Potter Party that was at a park. It was probably one of the best nights of my life. There was tents with different classroom themes such as Divinition, tons of dementors walking around (which we defeated with the helps of our wands and silly string), and way too many Harry Potter fans to count. We dressed up (I'm a Ravenclaw by the way) and went around interviewing people about why they loved Harry Potter. The videos are long lost but I still have a  photo from the night. 

And here was one photo from when I saw the last Harry Potter movie.
The next movie is less than a week away and I can't wait to go to the midnight premiere in my Ravenclaw outfit. It's super funny to see the looks on people's faces if you happen to stray away from the theater into different public places. 

Anyways, the real point of this post was to reveal one idea I had for my tattoo. Originally I was going to get a really small tattoo of the Deathly Hallows symbol. However now I'm thinking of something a little bit different.
The feather is less obvious as a Harry Potter tattoo yet is relevant as it is a common motif in the books. I like the realistic, slightly tattered appearance of this feather and I even like the location but I don't want to spoil job opportunities... 
I've received a lot of negative reactions after telling people I was getting a tattoo. My mom had really no issue with it but other people said it didn't suit me because I was too girly. I agree that I really never thought I would get a tattoo but I think something has changed in my life because my mindset is different. The feather is still girly, dainty and sophisticated in my opinion. I'm not getting a flaming skull, for crying out loud. I suppose I shouldn't care about what other people think because it's for me, on my body. Still, I expect a few bad reactions even on here, but I'd rather hear about where you think I should get the tattoo. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions on location, so please share. I'd also like to hear about your personal tattoo stories and if it has ever ruined a job opportunity for you.

Coming soon: a post on all my favourite Wizard Wrock and Wrap artists/songs. Aren't you excited?!



  1. you should go for it if you really want one. :) i like the feather tattoo. I'm thinking of having one too at the back of my neck. a cute 'lil ribbon perhaps. :)

    ps. excited for deathly hallows too! :)

  2. I think it's a great idea! I think as far as placement goes you've gotta play with some ideas & just get it wherever you feel comfortable. In a drunken mistake one night I let a friend tattoo my finger & then future employment crossed my mind, but there's always ways to cover them up as long as it's not on your forehead. :)

    p.s. huge hp fan myself & I plan on getting a tattoo in some kind of script that says "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good".


  3. i think it's beautiful, one of the nicest i have seen. tattoos aren't for me, but i really like the idea behind this one and i think it's good not getting anything tooo obvious, a feather seems perfect. :)

  4. your brown hair looks so pretty! love your costume :) i'm a big harry potter fan myself and have wanted the snitch tattooed on me- its so simple and cute. i think the feather is nice, as for where it is... i've always thought thigh tattoos look nice, along with behind the ear :)

  5. The feather is beautiful, I have one tattoo Fly to who you are and i got it for myself and don´t mind what other people think. I love it and that´s the point:)
    P.S. Sorry for my English...

  6. I love the feather, I think thats a fantastic idea for a tattoo. I don't think you're "too girly" for a tattoo. I have tattoos, and I'm girly. I think the tattoo just has to fit ones personality, and honestly almost everyone has tattoos these days!

  7. You all look awesome! :)



  8. Love the feather :D great idea for a tattoo ;D And I like your outfit ;]

    Stay happy & Live.Laugh.Love.

  9. The feather is a lovely tattoo, where would you put it?

    And I've loved Harry Potter for years too. The books more, but the films are also fun!

  10. I would never get a tattoo but if you are so keen in getting one, your feather tattoo is nice. Maybe you can get it on your rib cage or near your stomach, or a place that is easy to cover up.
    As far as jobs go, image counts for a lot so always keep that in mind(:

  11. I absolutely love harry potter! and i think it's awesome you have a Ravenclaw costume too. I think the tattoo is a great idea.. a feather, in the right place, is dainty, classic, and very pretty. :)

  12. My very first tattoo was a feather (^^), at the base of my nape, and there are many advantages in this location: you can hide it with long hair or choose to show it, you don't see it everyday so you don't get tired of it, and it's a sensual location that pays tribute to feminity.
    I also have other tattoos: a big one on my back and a small one on each wrist. I made these two when I already had a job, and recently, while searching for a new job, I had some difficulties to hide them... It can really be a problem to some employers, be aware of that.
    The most important when you choose a tattoo is to be really sure that you want it FOR LIFE, because once it's done there's no turning back. I know it sounds obvious, but it's essential to fully understand this.

  13. I think you should definitely do it if you really want to. It's a darling tattoo.

    As for placement I would go somewhere on the torso. I prefer the sides. I have one on each of my sides- one up high on the ribs, and the other down on my hip. I wouldn't get one on your back anywhere because YOU can't see it, and its for your enjoyment! Almost nobody knows I have mine because they are hidden and I kind of like it that way. I got them for me, not anyone else. A girl at work has one on her wrist and one of the managers just can't stand that it shows. I often get more work opportunities than her because of this.
    Good Luck!

  14. I think that tattoo would look really great on the back of your neck or on your foot (unfortunately those two locations seem like two of the most painful, but alas). It really is a beautiful design. People wouldn't expect me to get a tattoo either, but I've been contemplating it for the past couple of years. I'm looking forward to your list of Wizard Wrockers, it'll help to get me even more pumped up for next Friday!

  15. You are my favorite person ever. Glee, Harry Potter, fashion, wrock... :) I saw the Remus Lupins and Gred and Forge this summer. Anyway.

    I love tattoos. I'm a girly girl as well, and I completely think that tattoos can look really elegant if done the right way - even if you're covered in them! I've thought about a Harry Potter tattoo long and hard, and since I'm a huge Snape fan, I'm thinking of getting a nice lightning bolt with the quote "Always." I love your feather idea though, it's really pretty :)

    Oh and I work in a restaurant, and a girl I work with has tattoos up her arm, and she just has to wear a long-sleeve shirt under her chef coat. So if you ever work in a restaurant, they're pretty liberal.

  16. I wish I had a friend like you. No one understands my love of Harry Potter. I say get the tattoo. I think you will definitely be happier with a less obvious symbol of Harry Potter, though. Like an expensive item of clothing, classy and timeless will never disappoint. Many people negatively remarked about my tattoo, but I don't regret it.

  17. I like the tattoo, but I think the reason for it may eventually die out. I know that Harry Potter is a significant part of your life....at this point, but realize that it may not be in 10 years. I reminds me of when older women have tattoos of their favourite bands when they were young (and it is not always so good). Don't get me wrong though, the feather is nice, and a very subtle symbol.
    I think it would be cool on your side, under an arm, on your ribs, this way you can hide it, but still have it.
    PLEASE don't get it on your neck.

  18. I wouldn't get it on your neck = skank central. I'd say under your ankle bone on your foot.

  19. I asy do what you want to. Tons of super feminine beautiful girls have tattoos. I have two, and I feel they are so girly that there is no way I could be seen not in that light. There is definitely a difference between tattoos that are good and ones that are bad and I truly think taht feather would be sooo gorgeous!

  20. I'm almost 30, successful in a corporate position (public relations, so not terribly buttoned up like finance, but still very corporate) in the US and I have never had a problem with a visible tattoo. Mine is small and on the top of my foot and seriously, I can cover it up if I want for anything major. Otherwise, I have always enjoyed it. :) If you have a more creative job, then it REALLY doesn't matter, especially in San Francisco and NYC (both places I've lived). Good luck!

  21. a really great place to get the tattoo would be your foot. it would look great, you could look at it and if you are worried about employers not liking it just wear shoes that cover the top of your food or tights and you can also get cover up specifically for tattoos now

  22. Um, I'm super girlie and I have tattoos! Two thus far-one on my rib cage and one on my back. And I'm working on my design for my half-sleeve. So many of my favorite bloggers with the sweetest, girlie styles are tattooed- Mel of Idee Geniale, Chelsea of Seablanket, Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee.

    If you want it, go for it! The feather is a beautiful image!

  23. The only story I`d heard of where a tattoo interfered with a job was where someone had full arm tattoos with some negative or objectionable images that he was asked to wear a shirt to cover up, but other than that, they were never an issue with any of my varied employers, especially not one so nice as a little feather.

  24. Oh gosh, can I ever relate to this post! I have an antique heart locket tattoo on my left wrist and, upon getting it, many people were appalled.. not really at the tattoo but that 'girly little Amber Rose' got one. The thing is.. as long as you love it, it doesn't matter. It's the same way with clothes-- if it doesn't fit what people think is your 'image' then people freak out, but it passes. I love my tattoo, and now my family and friends do as well.

    As for jobs, I was a waitress and had to cover it up but.. oddly enough, (I'm an English major with a minor in education) I've never been told to cover it at the school I student teach at. My teacher that I shadow even has a few on her wrist-- it's against the law for them to discriminate on her/not employ her based on tattoos, and it really isn't as taboo as we're lead to believe.

    Sorry for the novel! xxoo

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