Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure

Today's the day! I might bring my camera to the theatre and take more pics but I dunno if other people will dress up or not...
Here is what I wore today to school first: (too chicken to wear my ravenclaw outfit lol)
I'm too cool to wear a jacket.
skirt; thrifted and altered. boots; aldo, scarf; joe fresh, gloves; garage. 

Just kidddinn, of course I had a coat, just not in these photos. Tonight there is going to be a huge snowstorm (good, because I would be VERY MAD if there wasn't snow before Dec.1) but guess what? It ain't gonna stop me from getting to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, PART ONE.

 A boy I knew in highschool made me this wand in woodworking class. I have been meaning to stain it a dark brown colour but have been toooo lazy. Well I'm off to watch the rest of HP6 and then go to the midnight premiere. BESTTT EVER.


  1. Oooh, I love your scarf in the first outfit, and I've totally decided that if I went to Hogwarts I'd be in Ravenclaw. Love it!

  2. You look amazing, haha, I love how much you love harry potter - im quite the fan myself! I love the wand that boy made you too!

  3. that purple colour is so pretty on you!

  4. Holy you must have been so cold taking those outfit pictures.
    I hope you enjoy the movie (although how could you not)! I'm so excited to go see it tomorrow.

  5. best harry potter costume ever!!

  6. IT IS SO GOOD. It's the only movie I've really liked so far. Overall, it's pretty true to the book, but of course it doesn't really go as in depth. I LOVE your costume! TRUE BLUE. :D

  7. You look so cute!! like a truly Ravenclaw student:X:X can't wait to watch Hp7

    xoxo sere

  8. Love both of your outfits!! xx I'm gonna watch Harry Potter tomorrow, and I'm gonna be dressed up as a Griffindor, with my wand, glasses and so on!

    Love your blog! U have great style!

    - TraN // www.nobodygotstyle.blogspot.com

  9. You are so absolutely cute. I really don't know how to put it better in words. I hope you truly enjoyed HP last night, can't wait to hear about it from your point of view.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  10. You are so cute in this outfit! Hope you enjoy HP, I have to wait until the 24th to see it (I live in France)
    The wand is nice, I want one too!!!

  11. you look awesome! love the special-made wand, cassy touch!

    I'm excited for HP too. :)


  12. eee I'm so excited it's finally out! although I have to wait clear until monday to go see it... longest 3 days of my life!


  13. I JUST CAME BACK FROM IT oh I want to watch part 2 so badly now :( cute costume!

  14. you look lovely in the first outfit! gorgeous scarf! I like your two stylization, it's so great!

    greetings from

  15. That might be the best harry potter costume I've ever seen, makes me wish I was dressing up for it!

    kirsty xx

  16. I love the rawenclaw outfit ;) And the 1st outfit is really beautiful!

    Stay happy & Live.Laugh.Love.

  17. love the touch of purple! and i have that Joe Fresh scarf, and love it. comes in handy these days!