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Hey all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. I'm not going to do a post with everything I got, but I'll list a few things!

- lots of clothes
- LOST season 6 
- a new pair of shoes, will wear soon!
- cute pins
- leopard beret

I didn't go out on boxing day but I ended up ordering 4 pairs of shoes off of Aldo/Spring. Was anyone else super disappointed with Forever 21's boxing day sale? They didn't even have free shipping...

left side from Aldo, right side from Spring. 

My holidays are coming to an end but I'd say they have been rather successful! I finished two of my books so I'll do a super quick review.  

Rating: 6.5/10
I was interested in the overall plot/theme of the book (forced confinement, kidnapping, creepy stuff like that) but I didn't like how it was executed; it sort of annoyed me. The book was from the little boy's perspective, and the first half of the book was quite boring because it mainly consisted of games that him and his mother played in their confined space, which he calls, "Room". The book finally gets rolling when the mother devises a plan to finally escape her confinement. I thought the 2nd half of the book definitely saved it. 

Rating: 7.5/10
Beah's narrative is quite shocking to say the least. His storytelling was good, but didn't evoke too much emotion for me other than shock; however it may have been because I didn't relate to the themes of his story. Nevertheless, it was a good insightful read but the ending was too abrupt for me, especially for a novel of this nature and I wanted more details on how his life continued and ended up to where it is at present time.



  1. The Room's first half is not all that bad, it is really interesting to hear a young child's take on that. If you want to read a really creepy book, check out "Yellow Wallpaper", about a woman who get ill from nervous depression and her husband treats her by loading her with medication and locking her away in a room where all she does is describe the yellow wallpaper. She gets to the point where no one but her can touch it, and she slowly takes each piece off and collects the yellow wallpaper scabs and goes completely mad.

  2. Oo lovely shoes, I esp like the bottom right pair :) Nice book reviews too, I haven't read either, but might give them a go.

    L x

  3. Looks like a profitable Christmas! I love the gorgeous mood of Flattery too, lovely blog! And your outfits are always so well tailored.
    Wanna follow each other?

    X Girl with the Curl X


  4. oh those shoes are lovely, especially from spring!
    i might pick up room, sounds very interesting. hope you have a good new year :)

    http://afluorescentadolescent.blogspot.com/ x

  5. love the oxfords, I always say good ol'Aldo, and yes about Forever21, I was looking forward to their massive sale or at least free shipping. I always have to order $60 bucks and up just to get free shipping le'sigh

  6. I have been wanting to read a long way gone for ages.