So...Last night was the ever-awaited roller derby, the first one in Winnipeg in 30 years. Keeping that in mind, I will nicely rate the event 4/10. I guess sometimes when you see movies (like Whip It) you have ideas about how it will be, but it just didn't turn out like that at all. We got there, and it turns out that the rink was flat rather than building the actual professional ramp-like rink. There were bleachers, a beer garden, and some chairs. The chairs were only for family or something and the beer garden you had to be over 18 (I was with some friends who were not). So we had to sit on the bleachers. It's hard to get 'pumped up' sitting down for stuff like this. I was expecting huge crowds to be gathered around the rink but it turns out, no one was allowed to stand other than the beer garden. 

So I was pretty excited when they were introducing the girls, it seemed like it was going to be very good. And then the game started...Everyone was kind of confused at the start because the skaters don't even skate fast. It seems more about strategy than fast paced, rough skating. The only time anyone really ever fell was if they tripped over themselves, and...I had to be an advocate for violence, but I thought that was sort of the point of roller derby! They didn't really go out of their way to check each other, and there was lots of penalties if they did. And then came the worse part of the whole thing. The Halftime. I don't understand it at all. They could have gone to a highschool and asked the dance team to do a performance and that maybe would have been even SLIGHTLY better. 

What they had was two "6th place US champion skaters" (they forgot to say like, 30 years ago) come out and skate. All they did was waltz around the stadium. For about 3 songs. At the very end, the female skater put her leg out and everyone screamed and cheered. I actually thought maybe I was the only sane person in the entire place to think it was completely...not good. Then they had belly dancers come out, which is not only irrelevant, but completely boring as they also did the exact same thing for about 8 minutes. Finally the game started again. Another thing is, there was no music or anything. Sometimes it would be completely silent when the commentators didn't have anything to say. We won, I think it was like 160-80, but we didn't even stay for the Rookie Rumble. I'm trying to think of why it was how it was, maybe because it was so public, they couldn't hurt each other...I have no idea. 

Anyways, ending a long rant now...I'm going to my uncles to watch the gold medal hockey game, Canada vrs USA. :) 
This is what I wore to derby;



Twiggy inspired look

I did another quick(er) tutorial for this look that I wear maybeee...once every two weeks? I wore it yesterday actually. :)



the northern

tights; joe, sweaterdress; french connection

My friends and I went to see Shutter Island. It was good at the beginning, but I quickly figured out where it was headed and groaned a bit because I feel like the concept had been overdone. The creepy asylum gave me shivers though! I won't give away the plot, and it's hard to describe the movie without, so I'll just give it a rating of 6.5/10. The outfit today is kind of ehhhhh, boring I guess? I also HATE indoor pictures! Oh well. Have some old art of mine.

Also, I've been meaning to share some of the Q&A's I have done. One of them was for a new blog called Fab Gab, and another for The Star paper in Malaysia. 
Check them out!



doe, a deer

This is the Bebe dress I redeemed from chictopia...How awesome is it that they offer free, GOOD QUALITY items to their members? This is actually the 2nd thing I've redeemed, the first was an American apparel skirt. This one took a bit longer to get here, about 2-3 weeks, whereas the skirt took about five days. I've only gone into Bebe once or twice when I was in the states, and it seemed very glitzy. I liked a few things but it was also expensive! I basically squealed a bit when I redeemed this. Oh, and the little grey sweater was about 5 DOLLARS from Joe Fresh! I love Joe.
dress; bebe, sweater; joe fresh, tights; h&m, shoes; marissa.
I also love deers. Does anyone else want one as a pet

photos from paper tissue


new wishlist + weather blues

I always complain about the weather. But I think that's just a requirement if you live in Manitoba. It is so annoying not to be able to dress up and take nice outfit shots outside because it's nearly -40. It's very hard to get inspired to dress up in that kind of weather, when all you wanna do is pile on any many sweaters as you can. So basically while I cannot take photos of my outfits...I will just drool over things I could buy on the internet...wishlist time. 
modcloth hats, forever 21 skirt, aldo shoe, miss dior perfume.

 And now, time for my favourite blog of the moment...

I absolutely loveeee everything about this blog! Just take a look for yourself and you will too soon be in love with the layout, content and style of the blog. Let yourself wander through trips to flea markets, European travel, and see many adorable bows along the way...
For a sneak peak, enjoy some photos from her blog; of course these are all taken by her.



random favourites in interiors

Continually fantasizing about my dream house...These are all from Design*Sponge, which is a really awesome interior design site, that occasionally covers other areas of design as well.
I love beds like this, rather than with the traditional bed frame.

A realllly open space, I love the placing of the stairs which lead to the loft.
Windows...my only requirement for happiness.
A simplistic fireplace.


Although I wouldn't have this in my house personally... I think the concept is really cute. 




 I finally got the time to do a quick makeup tutorial!
I hope you enjoy it. For now though, I'm off to my friend Nicole's for a sleepover. We might go a little bit of a photoshoot, so if we do, I'll be sure to share some of the pictures. 

Makeup Tutorial #1 - Everyday Cat Eye;


heads up

I figured out all the makeup/makeup accessories I want to buy...here is the list. All the prices are from Sephora, which Sybil of Animated Confessions suggested. I had totally forgot we had one of those in Winnipeg, so thanks! Some of this I don't need right away though. I'll have to start saving...wish me luck :)
Primer Potion - 18$
Deluxe Antibacterial Brush set - 60 $
Correcting Smoothing Primer - 18 $
Concealer stick - 12 $
Foundation - ?
Pressed Powder- 7$
Black liner - 5-9 $
Eyebrow Pencil - 8 $
"Luminous glow" Blush - 12 $
Manic Long wearing lipstick - golden coral shimmer, watermelon rose cream - 24 $
Opi nailpolish - light blue, light green - 16$
Brush Protectors - 10 $
I'm off to the mall to help Nicole find a dress for her birthday next weekend.
wrinkly fat hands, ring from suzy shier, dress from urban behavior.


favourite blog of the moment + FOREVER 21

I've decided to start doing 'blog of the moments', you know, my personal favourites. I'll likely update these once a week :) I already have a line-up in mind, and many of the blogs are already in my blogroll sidebar.
So, the blog of the moment is...

So what is Happiness, you ask? I found this blog with the help of Google analytic. I saw that I was getting hits off it, so I checked it out.(She did a post on my skirts :) ) Suddenly, I felt completely obsessed with it...The blogger (Shannon Eileen) and I have so many similar interests- from architecture to 70's style interior designs to 60's flight attendants. She finds the most unique and cute designs to share, here are just a few...

vintage television chair
70's interiors
hanger tea bags
glass homes

And last but not least, her many Lyrimages.
 I highly recommend you all take a long visit over to her blog. :)

Next, I saw this on the Forever 21 and squealed a bit...it's the new store located in the Los Cerritos Center at the southeast end of Los Angeles county. I really want to go, just to shop in it...It looks like a mall of its own. And it's so cutely decorated, right?
More info at the Forever 21 blog.




 This week is just not my week. It's such a weird feeling to describe, everything I do just feels tacky and poor. School isn't going how I want, and I really just can't wait for reading week...
iIve decided to take some money from every check I get and save up for some makeup. I so lack in that field...my makeup is so old, gross and mostly from Walmart (which some things can be good, but I really want long lasting makeup)...I've only recently actually purchased anything from MAC, but I think that's what I'm going to go for. My list is as follows; foundation, powder coverup, concealer, primer potion (urban decay?), lipstick (maybe like 2 colours), a variety of brushes, black pencil liner and maybe some blush. Does anyone recommend any types or brands for these? Let me know.
Sorry for the verrry boring post, I'll probably do more next week that are more interesting.
Outfit today;
skirt; forever 21, shirt&blazer; urban behavior



Went to the mall looking to buy only two things: surface magazine and liquid eyeliner. Mall had neither, so I bought clothes instead. I really need to stop, but can't. Sigh. Afterwards I went to shoppers and did get the eyeliner though, finally. 
A quick review on "Dear John"; I would probably rate it 6.5/10. It had a good message and all and I did like them as a couple, but the trailer made it look more intense whereas the movie was more calm, slow and sort of had one of those sudden endings. My sister told me the ending of the movie is completely different from the book, which I will probably read soon.
I can't wait for spring...today was so nice (Round -10, maybe -5 when the wind stopped) and made me think of how much I want it. What I wore today:
sweater; abercrombie and fitch, skirt; forever 21, tights; anthropologie, bag; urban outfitters.

Did you notice that the skirt is from my wishlist? My parents brought me it from forever 21, as well as the bag, tights and sweater. I'm truly spoiled. 

To finish off this post, some eye candy. I got these from Happiness Is... and well, no other explanation needed.  
The last two are my favourite.