hometown glory

My tentative To Do This Spring list.

• blog more 
• reread white oleander ( I can't remember the last time I read for fun...)
• spend more time with friends
• go to grand forks with my mom and sister! (that will take a lot of convincing...)
• look into "apparel design" at red river (a course on fashion design I want to take this summer)
• be more active (morning walks, jogs with my way more active friends)
• work on my cooking skills/bake more
• reread "architecture for dummies" + other architecture related books
• start my skirt sewing project
• save for Toronto trip
• work more
• take VITAMINS! (ahah, I should really start doing this as soon as possible, I'm sick of getting ill every couple of months!)

What about you? Any big aspirations for this spring season?
photos from paper tissue tumblr.

I'm way eager when it comes to dressing for the season. How springy is this outfit? I recently ordered 3 pairs of tights from We Love Colors [Click for Link]. These are the ivory tights, and I also ordered baby blue and light pink. They are such good quality and so soft, the shipping was free with the coupon code WHATIWORE.

striped tank; urban behavior, pink shiny scarf; gift from vicki, from le chateau, skirt; forever 21, tights; www.welovecolors.com




kitchen product daydreaming...

I think I'm going into a serious withdrawal from this flu. I had to leave early from work today and miss a social tonight because of it, I haven't seen my friends for what seems like weeks. So, while sitting alone on this fine saturday night...why not dream about all the cute kitchen accessories + products floating about in this world. It will be so fun to have all these things for my kitchen one day. 

1 - Clear teapot from Target.com ; 2 - Bird art from www.wildlife-artworks.com ; 3 - Rose apron from Modcloth ; 4 - Clear coffee cup with bees from Target.com ; 5 - Heart entertaining bowls from Modcloth ; 6 - Wildlife whisks from Modcloth ; 7 - Conversation plates from Modcloth ; 8 - Heart measuring cups


my apology + current favourite blog!

I know, I know. I've been such a bad blogger for the last while! I guess I will offer an explanation..
Last weekend, I worked and had a concert. I was planning to update either Monday or Tuesday at the latest. However, just as luck as it...I got really really sick and still am! Whenever I'm sick, I lose any ambition and couldn't even get out of bed nevermind think of something to write about here. :( I feel like I have a really bad immune system, especially because I always wash my hands and don't share drinks or anything like that. Does anyone have any ideas for boosting the immune system?
Anyways, since I also didn't dress up all week as I barely wanted to go to school or wear anything other than a cozy warm sweater, this post is just going to be a featured blog post...

This lovely fashion/lifestyle blog is shared by a couple by the names of Coco and Django. I first found out about this blog from seeing Coco's Chictopia. I personally love Coco's feminine and perhaps Parisian/French style. Asides from fashion, the blog focuses on design in general, music and also offers a handful of giveaways which is always a bonus. :)

Go check it out! Now now now! 
I will do my very best to get better and hopefully have some outfit posts up soon and more updating in general. 


rocky horror



do wah do

I can tell I'll be wearing this hat all the time this spring/summer. The hat I originally wanted from Modcloth was more expensive and the shipping was insane...so I just decided to get this cheaper forever 21 version. 
shirt and chains; costa blanca, hat; forever 21.

I'm pretty stressed with school right now and at a loss for words...so lets just say I really need cookies like this right now and Kate Nash is way too pretty.

 Cookies made by Whisk Kid.



orbiting & Project Post ONE

This isn't going to be a very interesting post for strictly fashion-lovers...so I will show you my outfit for the day and I suggest you read no further! 

Unfortunately these dot tights from Ricki's ripped today. I got probably 5 wears out of them. Also fashion related...I went to fabricland and bought some of this drapery for 70 percent off. I'm going to make a simple skirt out of it when I have more free time .

Today I also went shopping around the city for various pieces that I need for my design project. I got the perfect cardboard I needed, and it is actually really good quality unlike most boxes you would come across in scraps. Here is a photo reel of everything I bought. It all looks very boring - I know! But hopefully my final work turns out to be quite different. 

 I'm sure it all leaves much to the imagination! 


it still goes on in my heart

Another week of classes done...gotta love it. Today in one of my classes they handed out packages of matches and told us to play with them...HAHA. It's a design class, so they wanted us to observe how the pack is constructed, made and what the different ways are to use it. Needless to say, the class was full of smoke in no time. It was pretty fun to do something other than just listen to a lecture though.

In 9 days I'm going to the Billy Talent concert, with Alexisonfire opening. Does that seem like a concert I would go to?  I've loved Billy Talent since I was 12, and Alexisonfire maybe since I was 14. The newer stuff from Billy Talent is...decent, but it's not the same or as good as the first album. I still love them enough to go to the concert. In spirit of that...



dress; urban behavior, shoes;aldo



my eyes are shining bright

There is something about this house designed by Brooklyn Home Company with collaborations from Fitzhugh Karol and Lyndsay Caleo... It must be the open concept which really does give all the areas a brightness...Lately I've been looking into different bookshelves in terms of design. I really like how they organize their books in these. The ceiling with the wood beams adds to the height of the room. I really like when homes use wood like this, in chairs and for the tables. It makes me really torn, because I've always wanted that modern, simplistic home with stainless steel...but lately I've been day dreaming about more eclectic designs.  I think this would be a perfect beach or summer house.
Sliding door.
Isn't that ladder concept so cute? It leads up to a guest bedroom. Not a lot of privacy...but I wouldn't mind!
 The sculpture above the fireplace leaves me speechless. I would definitely love to  have that in my home.  I suspect there are very few people in the world who have this heavily designed houses...but I would love to be one of them.


The weather is getting way better in Winnipeg, which makes me smile and also makes me want to go shopping. 
top; le chateau, boots&skirt; forever 21, jacket; made by yours truly!



summer skin

Would you like to go to a perfect world?
Photos from Paper Tissue

I do.

scarf;le chateau, skirt; forever 21, tights; joe fresh.