rosey day

This post might be a little rushed, I gotta get to work, but I have super exciting news. I got my acceptance letter for the faculty of Environmental Design today, which made me jump up and down in happiness but also a little bit overwhelmed already. There a lot of expenses for this coming year - new laptop, new camera, this huge kit of supplies, and books of course. I will have to cut majorly back on shopping and such to make it work- unfortunately (well, not so much) today I ordered 3 pairs of shoes off Spring (saleee). They were only about 11-13 dollars each though, which is why I just had to buy them.
  So basically, my summer class ends the 21st and then on the 30th is the orientation for this new faculty. An intensive drawing class begins on the 31st, which is 9 days long and consists of 8 hour days! Ahhh! I'll probably be blogging a lot about this program in the next year - I hope you guys don't get too bored of it. 
*The Designer Apparel Contest ends this Friday, so get your entries in!*
skirt and shoes from costa blanca, striped top from joe fresh styles, cardigan from urban behavior, bow headband from aldo accessories.



i just see the memories

I wore this to school today; first day. My teacher is hard to understand due to an accent, and it seems like it's going to be a boring class, but I'll survive (hopefully). This skirt is wonderful and one of the few items that is red in my wardrobe, unfortunately i took a nap with it on and it got all wrinkly; I was too lazy to iron it before taking photos. The only problem is that red and white, no matter what, always remind me of the Canadian flag. Speaking of which, what are my fellow Canadians doing for Canada Day this Thursday? I'm thankful to work at a place where we all get the day off, it's gonna be a fun day.

skirt; dynamite. bag; aldo. blouse; sirens.


no title necessary


the artist

Today is June 26th which means the Chictopia contest is overrrr. And I already have found the winner. It was much easier this time to use the randomizer. But before I announce that...
I'm thinking about buying a tablet. It would be neat to do drawings easier on the computer, make graphics, etc. I'm completely torn between which kind to get though. On one hand, I'm only a beginner so maybe I should get the cheap  Wacom Bamboo one, seen below.
This one is about 60 dollars. It has decent reviews, but most people say it can prevent detailed drawings and lacks sensitivity.
10 x 7 Inches.

The other one I'm more keen on saving up for is the Wacom Ituos Medium tablet, which is quite more expensive; 300 dollars. It has way better sensitivity, is recommended for  professionals and long lasting.
15 x 10 Inches.
Ahh, I suppose either way I'll be getting exactly what I'm paying for. It's hard to drop 300 bucks. If anyone has used either, I'd be thrilled if you could leave a comment/review on what you thought of the product.
Okay, now on to more exciting things.

The winner of the 200 Chic tokens is...
Congrats Sybil! Well deserved too, considering you're quite an active part of Chictopia AND  you're from Winnipeg. (though that's just an added bonus ;)) I'll be in contact with CheriChictopia to let her know you won, and the tokens should appear in a day or so.



'Morning, Everyone.
 I was recently contacted by DesignerApparel.com to host a giveaway for them. What is Designer Apparel, you ask? 
 Well, it's a leading shopping search engine for pretty much everything designer - apparel, accessories, shoes, you name it. Basically, you can search for your favourite designer and browse through their search engine, which hooks you up with sites that sell this designer, and even gives you a heads up of any great sales. They carry tons of brands, everything from Armani, to Prada, to Marc Jacobs and beyondddd! This site was constructed to give shoppers an easier and more comfortable shopping experience, and I would say it did a good job of that. So the item they are hooking my lovely readers up with is this gorgeous Alex and Ani Holly Vintage Bohemian Ring.  

 I love big rings, and I've been looking for colourful styles lately so I'm quite jealous one of you will receive this teal gem. I've never heard of Alex and Ani before, so here's a little blurb on them as well from the site.
"Jewelry line Alex and Ani (named after creator/designer Carolyn Rafaelian's daughters) was founded on two guiding concepts: 1. Jewelry should not only adorn the wearer's body, it should also empower by connecting her to a mystical, spiritual narrative. 2. Every woman should have a perfect jewelry fit. The brand achieves this through sacred symbols and stones bedecking their offerings, and the signature expandable collection features an adjustable sliding closure mechanism, so size is never an issue."

How to enter:
First Entry Simply leave a comment below with your name and email

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Contest ends  July 2nd, 11:59 pm CST.
US/Canada only.
Good luck.


one skirt; three looks.

Today was a day off, so I decided to take advantage of that and work on my entry in the Chictopia Teen Vogue Contest. The task was to choose one piece of clothing from your wardrobe, and 'remix' it in 3 different ways. I decided to choose the gorgeous tutu-esque skirt from Miss Patina, and it was quite hard to choose just 3 looks to wear with this beauty.

Look 1 - Bow Down
This skirt always makes me feel like a princess, so my first instinct was to make a deliciously doll-like outfit consisting of bows and sparkly things. I paired the Miss Patina skirt with the nude toned dress from Urban Behavior (styling it as a top), and put a white bow belt over. I finished off the look by pulling on some white knee socks also from Urban Behavior, my maryjane heels from Spring, and a black bow headband to pull together the bow theme. Feel queasy from all the girlishness? I do.

skirt; miss patina, knee socks and top; urban behavior, heels; spring.

Look 2 - Safari Chic
I had this button up top from Urban Behavior sitting in my closet for awhile, and I never knew how to style it quite right. I randomly threw it on with the skirt one day and rather liked the result. It reminded me of something a fashionista might wear in the amazon, or on a safari. To continue that theme, I tied a thrifted animal-print scarf as a bow around the collar and decided I was ready for lions, tigers, bears...oh my?
shirt; Urban Behavior, skirt; Miss Patina, shoes; Joe Fresh Styles.

Look 3 - Casual Schoolgirl
For the last look, I wanted to make the skirt a little more subtle, casual and a piece that could be worn in everyday scenarios; such as school. Nothing screams schoolgirl quite like knee socks, so I decided to try out the new pair I got from Spring, and they ended up looking great with the lace up booties from Forever 21. The floral blouse from Urban Behavior allowed the skirt to appear more casual, but the addition of the over sized sweater tied with a thin belt is what allowed this skirt to remix from fancy to everyday. Adding the bow headband tied together the schoolgirl theme nicely.

knee socks; spring, cardigan; jacob connection, skirt; miss patina, top; urban behavior, headband and shoes; forever 21.

Hope you liked all my remix looks :)
I have two giveaways lined up - one starts tomorrow and one starts next week. Check back for that.  Excitingg.


spotted moth giveaway winnaaaaar

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Spotted Moth giveaway! It was a little more effort than I had anticipated to find the winner, because many people didn't put in a seperate post for their 2nd entry (but I didn't make that clear enough so I couldn't penalize them). I had to copy paste all the entries onto Word and then add some additional entries at the end. Regardless, it worked out in the end. I used a number randomizer and found our lucky winner for the minnie bow bracelet in mustard...

Congrats, Caitlyn! I'll be getting in contact with you to get your information to send over to Spotted Moth. :)


blog of the moment

I love reading Canadian blogs and a great example of one of these is Mitzi Cocoa's blog, Night Lights. I was introduced to this stylish 22 year old through Chictopia, which led me to start reading her blog. I would describe her style as detail-oriented, quirky, girly, vintage and incredibly chic- plus I love her hair. She always finds ways to make her outfits special, whether it be adding a print, a hat or a bow. Her blog shares everything from her fashion sense and shopping finds to her taste in music and movies.
If it didn't get any better, Mitzi is hosting a giveaway for 200 Chic Tokens on her blog as well. If you've already entered my giveaway and want another shot at winning these tokens, click here. Now enjoy some of my favourite outfits of Mitzi.



to my true love

The one day you decide you want to go to the beach, it rains! It always happens. Oh well, another day. I went to the mall instead. I kind of realized I'm horrible when it comes to buying shirts. I have a LOT of skirts, and plenty of dresses, but when it comes to top, I'm at a loss. I only bought one today, just a plain white button up which is useful I suppose...maybe I'll browse Urban Outfitters later, seeing as it has a 10 dollar flat rate for shipping to Canada right now :).
*Remember to enter the Chictopia Giveaway and the Spotted Moth Giveaway.*

bag from garage, hat from forever 21, striped sweater + shorts from Urban Behavior, tights from Anthropologie.

There's nothing much else to say about today, other than I've been drooling over this absolutely cozy looking attic, designed by Jessica Helgersen.
photos from design sponge.