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pants; costa blanca, boots; spring, bag; aldo, cardigan; joe fresh.
Mum and me went around experimenting with my camera today. I'm the one who needs to practice though! The one thing I dislike is that when you have it on portrait setting, outside in BROAD daylight, super sunny too, the flash often pops up. Annoyinggg, but probably just because we aren't using it right. Well I'll learn soon enough.
In the next month or so, I'm planning to redo my layout because I'm so sick of it. Also, I realized that my layout totally does not work on square monitors. My laptop is widescreen, so that's what I adjusted everything to. I read that you can use "relative" measurements rather than pixels, but apparently it's hard, less precise, tedious and aggravating to work with. When I went on the square monitor in my basement, the content was spilling out into the grey sidebars. Does this happen for any of you, readers? Let me knowww.


tick tick

Apparently I love this skirt wayyy too much.
I friggin love these shoes...but alas, they hurt my feet. If I'm going to wear flat shoes - I expect them to be cozy damnit! So anyways, moms taking back the shoes today and I hope to find some comfier broques on friday. I guess it's just because these are stiff leather, and there is no stretching room or give. Sigh.

shoes from aldo, top/dress from urban behavior, skirt from forever 21




Today is my birthday - the big ol' 19. I celebrated with my friends last night; we went to dinner and then a movie. Let's just say Inception is AMAZING. I didn't think it was that hard to follow either. I'm a little out of sorts because my laptop was taken into the shop to get a new battery, and I won't have it back for some time. I'm currently using my desktop computer, and I'm not used to not having my photoshop and fonts.I was spoiled for my birthday this year. I took photos of everything, not to brag but I was super excited ! The biggest surprise was recieving a tablet from my parents - the intuos one! Apparently they had planned on getting me it far before I blogged about it or figured I should get one. Good thing I was waiting it out and didn't just go buy one. Here's what I wore last night, and everything I recieved. Prepare for a lot of photos.
dress from New York and Company. shoes from Wet Seal.

 purse from aldo from parents
My sister made me a scrapbook of all my outfits, which was so cute of her. This will be great to show my grandkids..."Look how cuhhrazyyy granny used to dress!"
top from joe fresh styles
shoes from aldo
SCREAMS. Tablet <3
gag gift...but I actually adore them.

Ahh, my dream come true! This was from etsy I believe.
So adorable. Now I have to have a tea party.
This movie is so good. I'm glad I own it now <3
Drools. From Le chateau.
From joe fresh styles.

I also got some underwear and scratchcards, which I won 2 dollars on, WOO. Tonight I'm going out with the fam to Red Lobster - mmm! Hope you all have a lovely day.



So far, the only shoes even comparable to this Finsk Pony Skin Wedge shoes have been these Jeffrey Campbells - simply for the geometric shape of the wedge. Has anyone else seen knock-offs? 700 dollars for shoes, ain't my thing right now. The Campbells are 134 dolla.





It doesn't really feel like summer anymore. Between work, school and preparing for school in the fall, I feel like I have no time to do my little list of activities I wanted to do this summer...I guess that's how it goes.
Today my mom and I went around the city trying to find various things for the fall. I'd say it was 50 percent successful, but was a nice day regardless.
The skirt I wore today was redeemed from "chic swap" on Chictopia. I redeemed it from style icon classytrash, and I really love it. I think it sits at a nice place on the waist, not too high, not too low.
skirt; forever 21, boots; spring, top; wet seal.


we love colors giveaway

And the winner of the We Love Colors giveaway for their Long Sleeve Scoop Neck Leotard  is...

Anna, of SatinSugar
Congrats! I'll be getting in contact with you.


there's no one in the world like emily

She is lovely. Someone said to me once that she was the Blondie of our generation, or maybe Edie Sedgwick; well except for the fact that Emily is more than a socialite. I did a project on her once in grade 9...how time flies.
first 3 photos; from toro magazine, 4th photo - teawhyellieare's flickr, 5th photo - monster hospital video, 6th photo - sick muse video, 7th & 8th - eclipse video