better days

Hey people.
Here's a quick update of my life.
First off, sorry for not updating. A few bumps in the road made me just not feel up to it. I had the first 2 days of class which went really well. The thing I'm most excited for in this new program is having the same people throughout my day. Last year, I would have a friend in a class but we never got close because we only saw each other 2 times per week- but now it will be like a family, all of us stuffed in a room 5 days a week. My studio leader is Jeff Garcia. Right now, I'm in the 9 day class "Urban Media". We haven't done much yet, but I'm sure more projects will begin tomorrow.
I think I found some shoes I'm going to get from Aldo (I still have the gift card I got in exchange for my other brogues that were too uncomfortable so I took them back).
Simple, I like.


storms may collide


 One of my favourite movies, ever.



What have I been up to lately? Oh you know, the usual - buying 200 dollar rulers and such...
Yes, rulers.
On a happier note, this dress is from the lovely Miss Patina. I decided to enjoy the last days of summer in this lightweight, floral dress.



I'm homee.
The trip went rather well. Nicole and I spent tons of time in the mall, and also went to the amusement park. Too bad we only had one day...well, actually it's alright because I had already spent all my money and reallly didn't need to spend more. I didn't get much reading done during the car rides - I often just like listening to music and watching out the window, but I read the Kite Runner on the way home. It has definitely become a favourite. 
Here's some photos of things I bought.
high rise jeans and notebooks from urban outfitters.
owl necklace,sheer blouse, cube necklace, rings, rustic orange scarf , bow sweater, striped sweater, green top from forever 21.
  striped oversized sweater, dot tights, lace shoulder top, sheer blouse yellow dress and headbands from H&M
  2 berets - green from forever 21 and blue from H&M., purple sweater from H&M, green from Gap.

tiger top and red corduroys from delias

Notice anything odd? I bought no skirts and actually bought PANTS! For some reason, I couldn't really find any skirts, not even in forever 21. Anyways, it was a great trip.


a little bit

Exam, check.
Haircut/dye, check.
My hairdresser was saying how I look like a china doll now and my mom said the same thing. I guess that's cool!
I won't be blogging for a few days. Why? No, it's not just sheer laziness this time. It's mall of america, which in my humble opinion, is a pretty awesome excuse. The next few days are going to be wicked, regardless of a few bumps along the way and some really really bad luck which I won't get into.
Sorry my bangs were kinda messed up for some of the pictures.
skirt; urban behavior. top; ricki's.
Oh, and I love this song right now after seeing it on the most recent episode of Degrassi. Does anyone watch the new season? I love it. Eli is duhreammyy.



seeing green

Oh joyous day. Stats lectures are officially over, and now I just have to get through the exam on Saturday. I can easily say it was probably the worst class I've taken in university thus far - it was just so boring, and hard in a way...I have always hated doing probabilities and such.
Here's another outfit I wore with my new shorts.

 boots; aldo. shorts; american apparel. blazer; H&M, top; hot topic.