happy halloween

Happy Halloween. Last night I went to a social which was alright and tonight I'm going to a friends house to watch movies and hand out candy. I'm Max from Where the Wild Things Are. I made the crown out of gold paper and the hat out of felt. I bought sweatpants + a sweatshirt from Value Village and sewed them together to make the jumper. I inserted the zipper and buttons and voilaaa. The tail was pretty easy too - made out of some furry material.


i heart berets

I love berets for fall.
Top row: Avon and Aritizia, Second Row: Both from Forever 21. Third Row: Both from Urban Outfitters. Fourth Row: Thrifted and from H*M.


dreams are always being revised

I was so excited to wear my Miss Patina scarf/shawl today and take photos, but it poured literally ALL day. I ended up just standing in the rain and my mom took photos from inside the door haha. Miss Patina has their new fall collection on their website so you should definitely check it OUT. They are really the nicest people and have awesome customer service.
 miss patina shawl, boots from spring


i lose my way searching for stage lights

Halloween was so exciting as a kid. My sister and I would go trick or treating with my Dad, who would bring the car so we could dump our candy in there when the bag (homemade and so cute by my mom) was too heavy. We would literally run to every door, and either yell "TRICK OR TREAT" or "HALLOWEEN APPLES". I'm not sure why we yelled the second one...When we got home, my mom would help us sort through the candy, getting rid of the no-doubt poisonous candy (little baggies of popcorn and such haha, paranoiaaa.). 
I'm still excited for Halloween nowadays, but now it's all about parties and such - which COULD be fun. When I have my own place, I plan to have an awesome Halloween party with awesome/scary decorations and food.
What did you do on Halloween as a kid?
tights from winners, shoes from aldo, necklace from forever 21.XO.



I love her, but then again, who doesn't?
2 amazing songs. I also love "Laughing with God" and "Eet" but alas, no embedding allowed.



you can't believe it, you were always singing along

I cannot express my excitement for THE ROCKY HORROR GLEE SHOW! My friends and I actually did a performance in the talent show of grade 12 to "Sweet Transvestite" and "Time Warp". Best times ever.

 shoes from spring, skirt from forever 21, blazer from urban behavior, yellow dress worn as a shirt from H&M.

Oh, and my shoes came from Forever 21. 23 dollars and free shipping, amazin. 


never is a promise

skirt from le chateau, bow from michaels, top from H&M



While browsing etsy, I realized I really want a leather journal. 

Ahh. I think the 3rd and 5th are my favourites. 


halloween baking

I love doing holiday baking. Excuse my crappy photoshoot set up. Wrinkly black sheets rock. I didn't make caramel apples this year, just candy apples and chocolate cupcakes.
 Also a picture of my new purse.


let me in

New header for Halloween. I kind of wanted to make something scary but I ended up decided on cuteeee. 
I went to see the movie "Let Me In". I haven't seen the original version but I quite liked the cinematography, mood and music and suspense of the movie.
 tights from forever 21, sweater from H&M, headband from icing

PS: 500 followers! Thank you all so much, and hello to all my new readers :)


brandy alexander

Khaled Hosseini has become one of my favourite authors. Since reading his books, I'm more interested in Afghanistan history and culture. I'm hoping that my university has a 3rd year history class that covers some of the historical topics/references that are depicted in the book. It is honestly impossible to choose which one I enjoyed more as both had incredibly executed themes. The Kite Runner focused on friendship, family redemption, discrimination and nationality, whereas A Thousand Splendid Suns focused on gender role, shame, human endurance, oppression/hope and also friendship. I often value books that are centralized around friendship and family ties much more than love stories. Both are great reads, but as I lack the skills to provide a proper book report, I'll just direct you to Amazon  [The Kite Runner], [A Thousand Splendid Suns] if you want to know more specifics about the plot. Next I'm going to read Angela's Ashes.
sweater from joe fresh, boots from aldo, skirt and hat from forever21.