fox in the snow

oWhat is everyone doing for New Years Eve?
My resolution will probably be to exercise more and eat better :) Haha, let's see if that happens...
My mom bought this beautiful feather ornament for me so I put it on a necklace. It will go on my tree someday though.
skirt from sirens, blazer from H&M, tights from forever 21.



crane wife

Hey all! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I did. I'm not going to do a post with everything I got, but I'll list a few things!

- lots of clothes
- LOST season 6 
- a new pair of shoes, will wear soon!
- cute pins
- leopard beret

I didn't go out on boxing day but I ended up ordering 4 pairs of shoes off of Aldo/Spring. Was anyone else super disappointed with Forever 21's boxing day sale? They didn't even have free shipping...

left side from Aldo, right side from Spring. 

My holidays are coming to an end but I'd say they have been rather successful! I finished two of my books so I'll do a super quick review.  

Rating: 6.5/10
I was interested in the overall plot/theme of the book (forced confinement, kidnapping, creepy stuff like that) but I didn't like how it was executed; it sort of annoyed me. The book was from the little boy's perspective, and the first half of the book was quite boring because it mainly consisted of games that him and his mother played in their confined space, which he calls, "Room". The book finally gets rolling when the mother devises a plan to finally escape her confinement. I thought the 2nd half of the book definitely saved it. 

Rating: 7.5/10
Beah's narrative is quite shocking to say the least. His storytelling was good, but didn't evoke too much emotion for me other than shock; however it may have been because I didn't relate to the themes of his story. Nevertheless, it was a good insightful read but the ending was too abrupt for me, especially for a novel of this nature and I wanted more details on how his life continued and ended up to where it is at present time.



tiny vessels

Hey, two days till Christmas! What are your plans for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?
I'm having some family over and some friends. I'm going to make my favourite appetizers - crab dip and spinach/artichoke/cheese dip :) I did some baking yesterday as well - butter tarts, fudge, tigerbar and sugar cookies.
I told myself I wouldn't shop this boxing day, but I think I might do a BIT of online shopping (heh). Below the my outfit shots for today is my very short and sweet wishlist (jokinggg). I'm going to have to pick which shoes I like best. The last ones are actually only 13 dollars, woo.

 skirt from miss patina, top/dress from forever 21.

 I can't decide whether I like the forever 21 wedges in beige or black..wahh.



Exchanged presents with friends last night, and watched the movie Noel. It was quite fun! Sorry for not updating in the last couple of days, I've been trying to make the most of my holidays. On Friday I went ice skating with friends, which I discovered I actually enjoy. Now I might buy some skates so that I can get exercise this winter. After skating we ate some delicious crepes and then went back to a house to play video games and pool.
I love everything! Especially the last one. Designated drivers are so hard to find these days :)


christmas sale

I don't usually wear pink around this time of year, but I thought this Miss Patina dress was quite appropriate for the Holidays :)

  dress from miss patina, headband from aldo accessories, tights from forever 21.

As a little present for Christmas, Miss Patina is offering 20% off all merchandise to my readers. Just enter the discount code, 'MPXMAS20' at check out and enjoy the deal :) It is valid from December 18th-December 31st. Items purchased with this discount cannot be returned or exchanged; but Miss Patina offers free shipping worldwide. If you're wondering about this dress; I got it in a size S/M.
Christmas last posting date is 20th Dec, but Miss Patina keeps on accepting orders online 
during Christmas holidays and our staff will ship the goods as soon as the post office back to
work on 4th  January, 2011.
Enjoy ~


warm breath

Hey all.
One exam down, one to go. Can't wait. I feel like as soon as my exams are done, I'll finally be able to get into the Christmas spirit.
This weekend will consist of studying, studying and more studying, but tonight I'm going to my friends house for a super sweetttt sleepover. I don't think you can ever grow out of sleepovers :)
Tons of pictures today.
lace tights and red dress from Forever 21, booties from sirens, sweater from joe fresh styles, headband from icing.

I am entering this outfit in the Forever 21 Sweater Club Contest on Chictopia. Click the icon below to vote for me and help me win!



perks of being a wallflower

So, my prayers have been answered. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (one of my favourite books, ever.) is being made into a movie. I'm extremely excited (defintiely will be going to the premiere night for this one) but also of course a little scared they will butcher it. The cast is giving me slight hope though. 

 Logan Lerman will be playing Charlie. I guess this is how I imagined him, but maybe a little nerdier.

Emma Watson (yay) will be playing Sam. 

And no word yet on who will play Bill and Patrick. I was reading some discussions about the movie and someone suggested Edward Norton for Bill. That would be amazing.