i saw my reflection

boots from aldo, socks from spring, dress from  va va by joy han, sweater from joe fresh styles.

This won't interest majority of my readers, but if anyone who reads this goes to U of M, and for recording sake...I'm going to do a quick review of my classes/professors so far. Mind you it has only been two weeks.
1. Elements of Discrete Mathematics. 
Professor: Michelle Pamela Davidson
Lab Instructor: Eric Ens
Basically, I hate this class. The Prof has good intentions but her classes are unorganized and she doesn't explain 'steps' well enough. She doesn't organize the material. I went to see her during office hours for help, and she was great one-on-one. Material is very hard. The Lab Instructor...well, I don't like him. He didn't really try to further our understanding. He skipped past "easy questions" (which I didn't understand) to do "fun, challenging" ones. He didn't do the questions in the same manner as we were taught, used a lot of "guess work" with no explanation. Only had one lab though, I'll try not to judge him too much yet haha.

France, Louis XIV and the Enlightenment
Professor: Erik Macdonald Thomson
I enjoy this class so far. Some of the words he uses go right over my head, but that's what learning is all about right? Hah. The reading isn't extensive, assignments are reasonable. We have our first source discussion tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. He seems very friendly and approachable. Energetic.

Human Evolution
Shirley J Lee
At first I dreaded this course because I'm not really all that interested in anthropology, but so far it is really good and interesting. She is also quite friendly and seems easy to talk to. Explains things very well, asks for class opinions, etc. Put notes online. There's a group project which I'm not looking forward too, but oh well, it's only one.

Introduction to Calculus
Darja Kalajdzievska
I had almost lost all hope for humanity and math alike, until I started this class! She's seriously amazing. Young, friendly, clear, concise. She goes through every step with detail, and makes sure everyone understands before continuing. I actually understand everything so far. She seems to care a lot that we succeed. Reminds me of my highschool math teachers.

The Medieval World
Gerald Quinlan Bowler
This course is continuation from last semester, but I thought I would talk about it anyways. The Professor is hilarious and always has interesting opinions/stories to tell us about. Regards us as "truth-seekers" haha. Very satirical and sarcastic, speaks slow enough to let us take notes; unfortunately I sometimes fall asleep because his voice is so rhythmic haha. 



  1. this is one of the cutest dresses, the colour and bow are lovely
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I absolutely am in love with that cardigan it looks so cosy against the backdrop of the snow. I am so very glad I discovered your blog you always have the best outfits!

    Ayesha x

  3. So cute ! Love your tee, i love bows ! You have really an angel face.

  4. You are adorable. The bow dress is so cute on you. Your college classes sound very intriguing, particularly the Louis VIX and the Enlightenment course. I hope your Discrete Mathematics class gets better along the way.

    much love.

  5. Even though I dont even live anywhere near your University this was so much fun for me to read. I can relate on so many levels of teachers and courses I have taken in the past. You look so lovely girl. I love the grey socks and the purple shirt!! SO pretty. x

  6. This is the best way to layer socks. I love your ever present bow detail and that cardigan looks so comfy!

  7. Oh, you're lovely! I have the same sweater but honestly you wear it better :)! By the way im crazy about your hair !

  8. i had prof bowler last year as well, the course is called western history. i like him very much!

  9. Gorgeous outfit, I cant get knee socks to stay up usually but you've inspired me! :)

  10. you look stunning! I love this cardigan!

    greetings from

  11. I love you girl in blue , grey and snow.

  12. hey :)
    i go to the u of m too, and i took intro to calc last year.
    my prof is weird, but one thing you *need* even if you like your prof is the grant's tutoring book. i really didn't get my prof, so i pretty much learnt the whole course from grant's. i loooved it, and hands down best $80 i've ever spent on a "study guide" (grant's is so much more). maybe you have it already, but you can also order it through the digital copy center.
    best of luck,

  13. Really nice blog !


  14. cute outfit :D Love the cardigan!

    Live.Laugh.Love. - everyday.

  15. You seem cozy!
    I'm glad I'm not the only person that has to trudge through snow. In reading about your courses, believe me, I feel your pain regarding mathematics. In my hydroclimatology class my professor just says equations out loud and briefly explains them or tells us to look it up! No examples and no visuals.
    It's terrible.
    I'm hoping I can just teach myself from the textbook.

  16. This is damn so right! :O i'm speechless the pictures are gorgeous :)

  17. The cardigan is really nice, look so cosy!

  18. Gorgeous outfit, it's great how you styled up that purple dress/top with a classy cardi! Love!
    Have a great weekend!

  19. you look great. <3
    looove your blog. follow you, maybe you want to follow me, too.


  20. Do you have any tips on how you keep your skin so beautiful? Your face glows and I love it!

  21. Such beautiful photos and lovely outfit. <3

  22. You look so beautiful, your hair is perfect!! xoxo

  23. don't you get cold? winnipeg is freezing right now...

  24. I love your hair, and of course your dress and sweater. Soooo lovely, especially the sweater, it looks so warm!


  25. This colour of blue is so amazingly gorgeous on you! Love love love love it! (And your classes sound so interesting - I'm an Art History major, taking a class on Louis and the Enlightenment sounds so great!

    chloe ** http://flowerponychloe.blogspot.com

  26. So cute, I love the colours, but OMG aren't you freezing in this weather?
    I had a class with Dr. Shirley Lee last term and she is SUPER nice. If you need ANY help, go talk to her; she's really understanding and very easygoing.

    I like the effect of snow on the picture .. It never snows in my city . Lucky you !

  28. I'm loving the way you layer and still remain elegant!

  29. Wahou cette robe !!!
    j'adore les noeuds, alors là magnifique !


  30. Aww! I didn't know you went to U of M! That's so amazing! I live about 20 minutes away! I'm not planning on attending there, but it's cool to see someone into Fashion and Lookbook, etc, going to U of M. <3