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I often contemplate my life, thinking about my vast and promising future as a hobo. 
Jokes aside, I like to browse http://dailyfashionjobs.com/ because a lot of it sounds like things I would probably enjoy doing. The thing is, I have issues with wanting both conventionality and creativity - sometimes the two don't exactly mix. Many creative jobs involve strange hours which you often "make yourself" and loosey goosey tasks. Sometimes I think I would be happy just sitting at a desk all day. Sometimes. However most of the job descriptions on the site involve living in New York - of course, it's fashion. An industry which is...unique in Winnipeg, might be growing, but certainly isn't prominent. 

So I want to know, readers. What kind of career would you ideally want?


  1. I have one, and it has nothing to do with fashion, but since I was 6 I've always wanted to be a violinist but you know there is this thing standing in the way of that: I don't play the violin. I think about it every day but I don't have the money to pay for lessons.

  2. I'm a fashion design student and I'm doing what I've always dreamed about. Do internships till you find the right fit!

  3. Me, I currently work as an editor. I would like to move to research, though. I studied Biology and I am not content with merely writing and editing scientific papers. I want to do research works.


  4. I'm a freelance fashion writer, and I'm loving it! I'm one of those free spirit types when it comes to work, and I keep all kinds of strange hours, so it definitely works for me!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Cleveland Free Press: Goodwill Huntingg Shopping Guides
    Blogger Spotlight: Pearls and Personality
    My Vintage Handbag Line

  5. Hi! Well I'm about to be a freelance translator so I can eventually move back home. But there's always the doubt of not having work enought at the beginning!
    All I can say is that we should risk, otherwise we'll never know how things may go!

    Wish you the best!

  6. dude, it's rough trying to figure out what you want to do with your life isn't it? fashion is something that so many people want to get into but it is really hard when you don't live in a city where the fashion culture is thriving. i personally plan on moving to the big apple but, you may consider a job in advertising or working for a magazine...if a job like that is availible. or, if you have an entrepeneurial spirit, you may start your own company later on down the road, who knows. for now, i would say try interning where ever you can, that'll help you gain experience and hopefully help you in the decision making process. good luck.


  7. I've been trying to firgure out what to do with my life since forever! I've always had ideas & played with different options, but I can never set my mind on something long enough to base a whole career on it.
    At the moment I'm working in a cinema, on the front desk & stewarding. It's not very challenging, but I love it. It makes me happy & that's all that really matters. Yeah sure, there is always the chance I'll get bored of it in the future, but you can always change paths. :)

  8. industrial design technical engineer =)

  9. I'm pretty sure it's a pipe dream due to my complete clumsiness but I'd love to be a burlesque dancer
    I also love your blog and your sense of style is awesome

  10. I'm a medical student - youpiiii!! :) I've wanted to be a doctor since forever. I feel so lucky I can do what I've always dreamed about. Well, ok, I haven't graduated yet but it's still a dream come true for me. 3 yrs and 3 months to go and then, I'll be working (hopefully in paediatric oncology).

    Apart from this, I would like to write a book - Anna Gavalda style:) Not to publish it or anything, I know I am not that good (I don't suffer from super high self-confidence to think I have great writing skills)... but when I finish reading a book it feels kinda like finishing some project:) and if I would be able to write a book myself, there would be a real project to be proud of.. haha

    And if I were you, I would buy a sewing machine and learn to create my own stuff (I am seriously thinking about doing it myself - almost every grandma in my country knows how to sew and so does mine, so I would have a teacher:P). You have the best sense for fashion... you are always elegant but very creative, with the right feminine sparkle. If you decided to create something on your own, I'm sure it would be just great. Moreover, now, when we are studying, it's the time for trying things - when we graduate, we have to get serious :P

    Have a nice day!

  11. I want to be on Broadway. I'm working my ass off, and learning & training, and moving to Toronto to further my studies.
    I predict I'll most likely be 30 and working at a dinner theatre....
    But, it's what I love, so it's worth the risk.

    If this is what you love, don't let the tiny details scare you.

  12. I'm currently studying engineering, but have become so fed up with it I think i'm going to look into graduate medicine school! You should go for whatever feels right :)

  13. Hello! I'm studying Mathematic Engineer at Politecnico in Milan. I love numbers but I'm not able to concentrate all my mind on one singular thing. I like fashion, art and most of all reading every tipe of book I can find.... I really don't know what to do!!
    P.S. Sorry for my bad English... :)

  14. I'd like to be your manservant, any openings? You obviously love fashion and know quite a bit about it so you shouldn't have a problem working in that field. It doesn't hurt that you are attractive too... but I guess you knew I thought that from the manservant line... You can do it, you already have quite a following on this blog.

  15. Somebody wants you leflattery. ;)

  16. you prob wont know what you want to do till you've gone with different people to their work and interviewed them.

  17. I work as a project manager for a company that makes software to help teachers and school districts. I love my job since education is a pretty big passion of mine, but I think eventually I want to go into consulting so I can have more flexibility of length of assignments and location.

    I always follow the mantra of "find something you're willing to work hard at, and work hard at it." My roommates work in fashion and they all have fairly different lifestyles/jobs within the industry, so perhaps you can find something in the industry that satisfies both conventionality and creativity. Good luck!

  18. Wow lots of engineers !
    Manservant? Sure, there's always openings.

    You all make me want to go into fashion...haha. But you're probably right Jason, there must be some part of the fashion world that is conventional.

  19. I've always loved photography so, I probably would want to go in that qay :) I also enjoy fashion and medecine (wich is all completely different things xD). Il would defenitely like to go in fashion photography but I guess it's not really a long time job or hard to get into... So I might as well go n nursing... It's so hard to choose between what you love and what is best for your future!

  20. I've held internships in fashion in NY, and if you are thinking about moving here, I really have to say DO IT! It's wonderful. I love the loosey goosey hours of freelance writing, but I cant seem to find enough work,, and I wasn't happy sitting at a desk for 11 hours a day.