I recieved a hair straightener from Misikko a few days ago. The packaging was lovely, they included cute little purple roses and goodies such as a sleeping mask from Hana. The product came with a heat-proof mat (which is great because I'm always scared of burning my counter top), as well as several pouches and bags for the straightener (one of them being heat-proof). The straightener itself is a titanium flat iron. Check out other great irons in their best flat irons section as rated by Misikko customers.


1. Speed/Heat
The light for the Iron shows 'ready' after 10-15 seconds but I find it's better to wait at least 2 minutes before using for the exact heat you want. It goes up to degrees - great for hair that is a little bit more difficult to straighten. My hair is rather easy to straighten as I only have a slight natural wave but I always have problem areas that my old straightener had issues with. No issues here.

2. Ease of Use
I usually feel a bit awkward with a new iron, but the handle was very easy to hold. The plates were a bit larger than I'm used to (they are 1.5 inches), but I had no problem with curling nor straightening even with the added width. The smooth surface of the irons never snagged or pulled my hair.

3. Straightening/Curling
It took less time to straighten my hair because I didn't have to go over the same piece more than once. The straightener combined with Hana's shine shieldS left my hair feeling silky smooth.
It left a slightly different curl than my old straightener - a bit tighter and cleaner. I was able to curl my hair faster, once again due to the high heat and quality of the iron.


1. Blinking light
When the iron is ready, the light blinks rapidly. It didn't say this in the manual so immediately i thought my straighter was going to blow up or something. I searched around the internet and found out this is just when the iron is ready - but I still found it a little annoying.

5/5, A+, yada yada! I really like this hair straightener! Time to part with my old one.



  1. i have very thick curly hair, so this flat iron might actually work for me.

  2. lol why did I ever cut my hair fml. :<

  3. I LOVE it. This was a very helpful review. :)
    I also love the cute gifs hahaha.


  4. The Hana flat iron did a fantastic job, your hair looks beautiful! I like the Corioliss curling wand on Misikko site, too.

    ♥, Jamie

  5. I just might give this a try. =) I need a new flat iron!

  6. Ohh, very nice! I love the gifs!! hahah