& the love kickstarts again

Ahhh, so tomorrow January is over. Overrrr. Thank goodness. 
Nothing is new with me lately. Except I am going to do something quite exciting tomorrow but I'll reveal it later :) Heheh...
This sweater dress is courtesy of Romwe - a lovely online boutique that sells both vintage and new items. If you love super original items, definitely check it out. I love sweater dresses because they are sooo cozy and cute, don't you agree?
 dress from romwe, tights from anthropologie, wedges from aldo, necklace from forever 21.



winter rose

there is a love that sleeps inside the canyons of our deepest dreaming lives.

dress from miss patina, booties from modcloth, tights from american eagle, sweater from forever 21.




Here's what I bought when I went shopping. I didn't feel like putting them all on so yeah, the red skirt I actually wore today so that is the only one I modeled. Also I didn't tuck my shirt in very well so there's some bulges. Woops. Skirt is from Urban Behavior, the rest of the clothing is from Sirens except for the lace tank top which is an authentic piece by ...Walmart.

 This is a dress (bottom of it is just fitting) and I probably won't wear it until spring. (Spring? That word is so foreign to me...Winter is all I know...)
I might wear this to the bar on friday for my friend Leo's birthday :)
pants with lace trim.

The lipstick is covergirl 575 'really red'.



as we lay our eyes to wander

Hello to all my new readers <3. And hello to the old <3.
I was an icecream cone today.
I went shopping and bought some clothing, so I will try and take pictures of things tomorrow after class.

 tights from www.welovecolors.com, boots from spring, dress from forever 21, bow headband was a christmas gift from mom.

this is one of the best driving songs ever.



hello strangers

I blame Winnipeg weather for all of my woes. The last week has been horrible, and I just couldn't stand to a.) dress up, b.) stand outside to take photos. Even when wearing my regular leather winter boots, I could hardly walk outside because it was so icy and slippery everywhere. Time to get uggs? No. Never. Driving has been nightmare-ish. 

My dad went to Florida with his work and got to go to the Harry Potter theme park! I was so jealous! 
He went to Ollivander's wand shop to pick me up a wand :) I'll take it with me to the next movie, which is shockingly close I just realized...

Isn't it beautiful?

 me being creepy.



if i could ask, i'd have just one question

Lots of lookbook goodies today! Here's my inspiration for the day.

Quite the variety, no?



i saw my reflection

boots from aldo, socks from spring, dress from  va va by joy han, sweater from joe fresh styles.

This won't interest majority of my readers, but if anyone who reads this goes to U of M, and for recording sake...I'm going to do a quick review of my classes/professors so far. Mind you it has only been two weeks.
1. Elements of Discrete Mathematics. 
Professor: Michelle Pamela Davidson
Lab Instructor: Eric Ens
Basically, I hate this class. The Prof has good intentions but her classes are unorganized and she doesn't explain 'steps' well enough. She doesn't organize the material. I went to see her during office hours for help, and she was great one-on-one. Material is very hard. The Lab Instructor...well, I don't like him. He didn't really try to further our understanding. He skipped past "easy questions" (which I didn't understand) to do "fun, challenging" ones. He didn't do the questions in the same manner as we were taught, used a lot of "guess work" with no explanation. Only had one lab though, I'll try not to judge him too much yet haha.

France, Louis XIV and the Enlightenment
Professor: Erik Macdonald Thomson
I enjoy this class so far. Some of the words he uses go right over my head, but that's what learning is all about right? Hah. The reading isn't extensive, assignments are reasonable. We have our first source discussion tomorrow, which I'm looking forward to. He seems very friendly and approachable. Energetic.

Human Evolution
Shirley J Lee
At first I dreaded this course because I'm not really all that interested in anthropology, but so far it is really good and interesting. She is also quite friendly and seems easy to talk to. Explains things very well, asks for class opinions, etc. Put notes online. There's a group project which I'm not looking forward too, but oh well, it's only one.

Introduction to Calculus
Darja Kalajdzievska
I had almost lost all hope for humanity and math alike, until I started this class! She's seriously amazing. Young, friendly, clear, concise. She goes through every step with detail, and makes sure everyone understands before continuing. I actually understand everything so far. She seems to care a lot that we succeed. Reminds me of my highschool math teachers.

The Medieval World
Gerald Quinlan Bowler
This course is continuation from last semester, but I thought I would talk about it anyways. The Professor is hilarious and always has interesting opinions/stories to tell us about. Regards us as "truth-seekers" haha. Very satirical and sarcastic, speaks slow enough to let us take notes; unfortunately I sometimes fall asleep because his voice is so rhythmic haha. 



sentimental heart

  dress from urban behavior, boots from forever 21.


one great city!

oIt was so cold today I basically ran outside, took 2 photos and then ran back inside. Fffff. 
I hate Winnipeg. And I hate math.
 skirt from forever 21, tights gift, top from rickis.