i could stick around and get along with you, hello.

Leggings as pants for life.

 top, purse and leggings from forever 21. shoes from spring.



not a fan

I try to be pretty open about fashion. If something doesn't look good on it's own, it might look awesome on the right person with the right outfit. But I just don't understand some things. At first glance, I'm almost attracted by Jeffrey Campbell's Litas - as I enjoy stacked heels and platforms. But one visit to lookbook reminds me how monstrously huge most peoples feet look in them. I'm not even that psycho about maintaining bodily "proportions" but it's crazy  how these shoes can literally make one's feet look 3 sizes bigger than they are. I donno. Maybe one day I'll give the Litas more of a chance, but the first pair by Carin Wester...well, they are unforgivable. Not to mention stupidly expensive.
What do you guys think?



Hey everyone. I'm on reading week this week, so me and my friends went to the states to do some shopping. When Winnipeg finally gets a forever 21, I will surely go bankrupt. I probably could have spent 5 hours in that store ! Here is my haul. Some things I didn't take photos of, like plain dresses that didn't really photography properly. Everything is from forever 21 except the black lace crop top, and the indigo/leopard skirts which are from Wet Seal. Oh, and the liquid eyeliner is from target. Makeup is cheaper in the states ! 
silky floral blouse.
panda t-shirt
black lace crop top
pj bottoms
black skinny jeans.
red button up skirt
high-waisted jean shorts.
silky tiger tank top
mini satchel <3
floral/crochet crop top.
mini skirts
heart clasp bag
bow mini purse
floral dress
floral leggings
almay liquid liner

& That's my haul ! 



lazy line painter jane

Hello to all my new readers :)
These shorts are courtesy of Romwe.  Adorable. I'm going on a shopping trip soon and my main goal is to find jean sailor-style high waisted pants/shorts. As usual, as soon as February hits, I'm all about shopping for spring/summer. This is all fine, fun and dandy, except for the fact that we probably have another 3ish months of winter to look forward to? Yay.

 shorts from romwe, top from H&M, scarf from joe fresh, shoes from aldo.

This drawing is by Ellie Lau from Hong Kong. So cute! Thank you Ellie :)


heart heart heart

Turns out I did have a Valentine! 
Thank you Raimundo Sutton :)
I LOVE lilies! I should have waited until they bloomed to take photos, but I couldn't wait ahah.



valentines day !

Hey everyone :) Happy Valentine's Day. I'm single this year so I used it as an excuse to wear obscenely cute things. I decided to style a few different outfits in the event I DID have some awesome date to go on. *sniff*

1. Coffee shop date? And of course I'd have to eat some kind of pink pastry. Oh, and Miss Patina sent me this lovely dress for Christmas <3
dress from miss patina, shoes are mom's, little clutch from spring.

2. Red/Floral. Maybe wear this to a nice dinner?
 dress from sirens, skirt from costa blanca

3. A more formal look definitely suited to a romantic date.
  dress from guess, skirt from modcloth, cloche from forever 21, shoes from aldo.
4. This is what I actually wore today :) So this outfit is perfect for anyone who is dateless, alone, and who lives in a black abyss on Valentine's Day.
 skirt from urban behavior, boots from spring, hat was a present, bag from costa blanca, blouse from forever 21.



beautiful brogue

Yes, I love shoes. And brogues, even though wearing them is a ticket to the long and dreadful road of grandma jokes.

 x x 
x x

Links are the underneath x's. I'm going to eventually get the Miss Selfridge floral ones, and I would get the Modcloth lace ones if the shipping wasn't OUTRAGEOUS! C'mon Modcloth, shipping to Canada from the States does not need to be that much...