If I was rich, I would dine out every single day. I absolutely love not having to cook. I love restaurants. Rai and I have developed a sick obsession with dining out; I mean, I've always had it...but now I have corrupted Rai. Oh well! Sushi today :)

This top is from Romwe. I enjoy how it's longer at the back. I like wearing these types of fitted tops with blazers.

shoes from urban outfitters, shorts from forever 21, top from Romwe, bag thrifted.



I had a hayday at Value Village's 50 percent off sale - and so did Rai ! Apparently super cheap thrift stores are hard to come by in Australia. He stocked up on tons of button-ups, sweaters, hats and shoes. It really was crazy how much he got for so little cash. I didn't find as much but I ended up getting 2 blouses (one shown below), a sweater, a skirt I'm going to alter, and a bag (shown below). 

Things I look for when thrift shopping:
-interesting prints - like this clock pattern! grooovyyyyy
-unique details on blouses such as fancy embellished collars - the other blouse i got has pearls along the collar
-high waisted "mom" shorts (hard to find these days)
-skirts that I can shorten or alter

I never have much luck finding shoes unfortunately ! I guess that's what happens when you're one of the most common shoe sizes. 

shoes from urban outfitters, shirt and bag thrifted, shorts from urban behavior, earrings from aldo.

Don't you love Rai's Mickey Mouse shirt? Great find indeed. The bowtie is from a vintage shop in Winnipeg called "Vintage Glory" (in the Exchange District).



I am completely tired of the Canada Post strike ! I really hope it ends by tomorrow. I have several packages mailed that have been stuck for 3 weeks at the processing facility. Bummer.

Anyways, I've been busy with fun and what have you. Amusement parks, yummy foods and game nights have made my holidays more fun than I could have imagined :D This weekend will be the cherry on top when I head to my friend's cabin. Here are some random photos.

 These photos were taken before we went to the Keg.

dress from romwe, shoes from forever 21, blazer from H&M., bag from le mode accessories.

& This sweater was the other gift Rai got me from Acid Reign.

sweater from Acid reign, tights from Romwe, shoes from Spring, 



purple haze

Once again muckin around. I swear, we are doing more activities than just taking photos ! We were supposed to go to the EX (amusement park) today but it's terrible weather so that will have to wait until tomorrow :) Tonight we're going to a friends to play board games ! Yay, another 5 hour Monopoly game. 

Don't forget to like Acid Reign on facebook :) Thxxxxxxxxxx people. &  Here is Rai's lookbook.
 rai is wearing: boots and cross ring from asos, shirt from ksubi - general pants, jeans from cheap monday, cat tote bag from acid reign.
i am wearing: shorts from forever 21, shoes from aldo, shirt thrifted, brown backpack from romwe.


city of neon & chrome

tights from urban outfitters, boots from spring, purse from romwe, shorts from forever 21.


i can show you

Apparently we love going down random dirt roads to take photos ! Here's another quick post of that. What's on the agenda for today? Well I'm a little sick, but we might go for lunch somewhere :D Spaghetti Factory? Yum.

shirt and shorts from forever 21, shoes from costa blanca, bow necklace from miss patina, bag from romwe


blinded by the light

A few of you asked where Raimundo is from, he's from Sydney, Australia. Winnipeg is a lot different than Australia, I can say that with confidence and I've never even been to Australia. So far we've gone to the beach (Bird's Hill Park, so not exactly comparable to the beaches on the coast of Australia) and later on we'll be going to Lake of the Woods. I love summer.
We also went to Forever 21 for a shopping trip. He didn't buy anything (not exactly his style) but he bought me some things for my birthday since he won't be here for it ! I'll try and post the purchases later on. 

This envelope bag is again from Romwe. I would love to have one in every colour.

bag from romwe, shoes from i love billie, top thrifted.


muddy shoes

RAIMUNDO HAS ARRIVED. Click here for his lookbook.
After an entire day of travel, he actually made it to Canada. We have tons of plans for the next three weeks. So far, I took him to A&W and he had his very first rootbeer. For anyone who doesn't know, I'm obsessed with A&W and it's my favourite fast food EVER. He didn't know what to think about rootbeer, just remarking that it was, "weird". He liked the mama burger and the mozza burger though. Then we tried to take photos on a hill and ended up covered in mud, but we managed to take a few snapshots. Rai made/gave me the shirt I'm wearing. He is starting a clothing brand called Acid Reign. 

Click here to see their facebook page, and "like" it! The t-shirts aren't currently available for anyone outside of Australia but soon they will be. 

The tights I'm wearing are from Romwe, and they were heaps comfortable to wear on a rainy day when it was too cold to just have bare legs. $9.90, go get em.

shirt from acid reign, boots and bag from urban outfitters, tights from romwe.


new items in my shop

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