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Alright people. First things first, here's the outfit I wore out to my birthday dinner. We went to Moxies and then to see Horrible Bosses- which was actually pretty funny and I'm not always the biggest fan of comedies. 

 skirt from forever 21, bag and shoes from spring, top from romwe.

"Fashion by feelings" is hosting a wool contest to win a trip to Australia. I kinda wanna win...
Only problem, the person in first place has 700 "loves"..and I have a grand total of zero!
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Boho, vintage, girly - crochet does it all. 
What do you think of this summer trend? Personally I find it most charming on shoes, like the brogues from Miss Selfridge below. I think the shorts would look ammmazing with a solid coloured blouse tucked in - maybe in a brown/neutral shade.  Chicwish also has quite a few crochet pieces; some retro inspired, others more feminine.

I had this crochet-back top from Forever 21 for awhile, and finally got to whip it out.
head to toe forever 21.


Happy birthday to me!

I am no longer a teen. The big ol' 20.
I was completely and utterly spoiled this year by my family and friends. Thank-you all so much <3 I didn't deserve all of this!

My parents got me this beautiful sewing machine. I feel renewed- like I could create anything. Anytime. Anywhere. Bahah.  Let's just say it was the perfect thing to inspire me for my future.

Vicki and my parents both got me collections of lovely fabrics & sewing things ! The box is from vicki, and it's perfect for keeping all my supplies in.

Rai surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet and yummy chocolates! And the best thing is that Eevee doesn't seem too concerned with destroying it.
Another surprise from my boss Mo, this amazing wizard themed cake! She knows me all too well :) It's soooo sweet, I've never tasted fondant before. There are also little Aero mint balls inside!
Things I didn't take photos of include The Hunchback of Notre Dame (thanks sis!), Snacks (Leoooo, heh), and money! Also one thing that deserves a whole post of its own - coming soon!



re: Stacks

This is an outfit I put together a few days ago but forgot to upload. It's pretty simple; but sometimes I just feel like wearing a dress and heels. I wore this dress AND bow last winter; and I think it suits both seasons.

dress from urban behavior.

Unrelated. I love Bon Iver. Who doesn't!?


I was only for your very space.

Hey everyone!
Today Raimundo launched Acid Reign's online shop.
In celebration I decided to do another outfit with my beloved cat tee. All the sizes on the shop run large because they prefer the casual, baggy look :) I'm thinking about ordering one of the "tall" cross tees and then wearing it as a dress with tights under.
tights and shoes from urban outfitters, shirt from acid reign, skirt from wetseal, envelope bag from romwe



Have you ever been thrown a surprise party?
I really didn't think it would happen to me!

My birthday is on Wednesday (July 27th), and all I had really planned was dinner+movie with my friends. Little did I know that on friday night, I wasn't going to that band concert. Rather, I was going to arrive at my 20th birthday surprise party! Thanks everyone who came :) 
On a side note - I have birthday money to spend and I love these shorts. I've never tried a scalloped hem before!


New items in the shop !

Hey people! I listed a few more things in my shop. Ch-ch-check it out.



oranges & yellows

Lookbook inspiration. I love these tones of orange and yellow, especially the more burnt, deep orange. I'm excited for fall already. 
 k so, I had all the links to these looks open in my browser and then it crashed. Boom. Looks suddenly vanish off of lookbook. If anyone can help me identify the links I'm missing, please do.
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I'll be honest - I was never really a sandal girl. Personally, I always opted for ballerina flats. However I didn't give up the opportunity to try these sheepskin sandals by aukoala. I was amazed at how comfy they are, and how they really do warm up your feet. The ankle strap is lined with fleecy sheepskin, and the rest of the sandal is soft and lightweight. According to the site, Merino sheepskin promotes circulation in the feet - this is probably why my feet felt much warmer in these sandals. Oh, and I usually don't like the in-between-the-toes thong sandal, but the material on these sandals is so soft that it wasn't uncomfortable at all.
Asides from the fact that they are comfortable, I actually really like the design of these sandals. I think they could either dress up an outfit (because they are a fancier sandal) or dress down an outfit (merely because they ARE sandals). I know I wore this top in my last outfit shot, but it went so well with these sandals!
shoes from aukoala, shorts and blazer thrifted, top/dress from costa blanca. 



I recieved a hair straightener from Misikko a few days ago. The packaging was lovely, they included cute little purple roses and goodies such as a sleeping mask from Hana. The product came with a heat-proof mat (which is great because I'm always scared of burning my counter top), as well as several pouches and bags for the straightener (one of them being heat-proof). The straightener itself is a titanium flat iron. Check out other great irons in their best flat irons section as rated by Misikko customers.


1. Speed/Heat
The light for the Iron shows 'ready' after 10-15 seconds but I find it's better to wait at least 2 minutes before using for the exact heat you want. It goes up to degrees - great for hair that is a little bit more difficult to straighten. My hair is rather easy to straighten as I only have a slight natural wave but I always have problem areas that my old straightener had issues with. No issues here.

2. Ease of Use
I usually feel a bit awkward with a new iron, but the handle was very easy to hold. The plates were a bit larger than I'm used to (they are 1.5 inches), but I had no problem with curling nor straightening even with the added width. The smooth surface of the irons never snagged or pulled my hair.

3. Straightening/Curling
It took less time to straighten my hair because I didn't have to go over the same piece more than once. The straightener combined with Hana's shine shieldS left my hair feeling silky smooth.
It left a slightly different curl than my old straightener - a bit tighter and cleaner. I was able to curl my hair faster, once again due to the high heat and quality of the iron.


1. Blinking light
When the iron is ready, the light blinks rapidly. It didn't say this in the manual so immediately i thought my straighter was going to blow up or something. I searched around the internet and found out this is just when the iron is ready - but I still found it a little annoying.

5/5, A+, yada yada! I really like this hair straightener! Time to part with my old one.



it's the end of an era

Last night, like many others, my childhood came to an end. Of course it had ended when the last Harry Potter book came out; but I still clung to the hope/excitement of the movies. 'Pottermore', although vague, also seems promising. I've signed up to register as soon as it comes out!

My mourning day started with brewing a cold cup of Butterbeer. Yes, this recipe calls for Pink Butterbeer. It was pretty good though, just sickeningly sweet.
We got to the midnight premiere 4 hours early. Usually we only go about 2-3 hours early. We were literally almost at the end of the line! I couldn't believe that some people had waited up to 8 hours! There was also a showing at 12:30 am in a non-3D theatre and that line-up was tiny. I didn't really want to see it in 3D because I'm not a fan, but when I bought the tickets that was all that was offered. Of course I dressed up! There was many people dressed up, including a Hagrid, Bellatrix and a couple of Death Eaters.
There were a number of these types of shirts, which I think are fantastic and adorable. These particular ones are from here. 
When everyone was let in, there was the frantic rush to get seats. By the time we got in only the bottom section was available so I went to save 3 seats at the upper row of that section. I was standing in front of 3 seats saving them while my friends looked around for anything else, and the group beside me didn't calculate their seats right and asked me to move over one. We were already pretty far over on the side so I didn't want to, but before I could reply I was pretty much forced over! They just plopped their stuff down on one of my seats. Two seconds later they said they needed one more seat and forced me over one more! By now I was right at the edge and it was definitely not a good view. My friends came back and were pretty mad. 

After leaving the theatre; bribing some people in the 12:30 line with the special-edition 3D Harry Potter glasses, and speaking to the manager about changing out tickets, we managed to get into that show instead! Everyone who went to this showing got great seats because the theatre wasn't sold out or packed. (I don't understand why they fill a 3D theatre when if you sit at the front of one of those movies you can see the green fuzziness of the 3D effects on screen & it really isn't enjoyable)...
I don't think it should be a surprise when I say the movie was AMAZING. A few things here and there weren't exactly correct-straight-from-the-book, but it was still great. The best scene by far was the Snape scene (No spoilers, but I'm sure HP fans will know which one I'm talking about).
Harry Potter, I will miss you.




I'm starting a new project soon for my blog and for my life :) Stay tuned folks.
This skirt is from Romwe. I know I will go crazy wearing it come winter because I always go on a must-dress-in-holiday-colours kick around Christmas. 
ring and skirt from romwe, overshirt thrifted, corset dress from costa blanca.  



It's been awhile since I've worn the always-feminine-and-adorable Miss Patina. I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm always amazed at the details they include in each of their items. This top is no exception. The fabric alone is unique; a striped satin-type material. The blouse itself is double breasted and features puff shoulders and an adorable pussy-bow tie at the front.
 Are you all familar with this skirt? I've only wore it 10039092839 times.

bag from romwe, top from miss patina, skirt and shoes from forever 21.


bargains !

 There's a way-too-tempting sale going on at Spring shoes right now. Found these in the clearance section. I ended up buying plain black flats - a basic for any woman's wardrobe, as well as casual grey brogues which will fullfill my comfort needs come school.


hello, i'm in delaware

This white top is one of my Value Village finds. It has pearl detailing around the collar - which you can't really see because I went haywire on the photoshop, WOOPS. I think this is the first time I've tried a messy side braid, and I rather like it! 

Only problem was that I didn't secure it enough and I had to keep redoing it throughout the day.

shirt and feather pin thrifted, skirt from wet seal, shoes from urban outfitters, bag from romwe.



Long time, no see.
Sorry about the ol' lack of updates. Same old story - I was busy. Plus I didn't want to spend too much time during my last days with Rai behind my laptop screen. Goodbyes are always difficult, and how I loathe yet anticipate the "last look" before leaving behind a person or a place. Here are some of the random photos we took during the trip. Who knew I could have so much fun on my own turf?