Love is a place.

I had an interview at the GAP and they asked me what I thought some trends for Fall were.

• Think, Chunky Sweaters (Cableknit, fisherman's) 
• Wedges 
• High waisted (like this high waisted pair of shorts from Chicwish, which I think will look great with grey tights come fall/winter..) 
• Sheer 
• Leather 
• Lace up boots
• Square, vintage-esque purses (Again, like this one from Chicwish! I'm currently expanding my collection on these types of bags.) 

I got called back for a 2nd interview that was supposed to be today but now it's rescheduled for tomorrow :) Interviews always make me super nervous. The worst one I had was at LUSH cosmetics. It was a group interview and I hate interrupting people; I think it's tacky.So many of the girls were out-of-this-world enthusiastic so I gradually realized that I probably wasn't suited for the job. Not to mention the workplace looked rather boring as it's not like a clothing store where you have to clean up after people trying items on, etc. The questions were crazy, such as, "If you were an appliance, which appliance would you be?"
I hardly spoke the whole time while just letting everyone else talk, yet somehow I got a call back for the job? Needless to say I turned it down.
shorts and bag from chicwish, booties and top from forever 21.



I reduced all the prices on my 'shop my closet' blog because I'd like to sell EVERYTHING as soon as possible! Please go take a look & maybe you'll find a treasure :)



Value Village's 50 percent off sale was absolutely HECTIC! I suppose it was busier than normal because it's also back to school time so everyone is shopping. Racks were a little bare but I managed to find a few things I liked! In total I got 17 things for 50 dollars. I think more than half was to send to Rai :).

I'm obsessed with Disney's Pochahontus. The carefree vibe to this outfit, along with the owl + feather, definitely reminded me of the movie which I had just watched.

Yeah, that's right, I just posted a disney song...I LOVE IT.

My collection of sheer blouses is growing, and I can't get enough! This one is from the always lovely Chicwish. Although I think I need some more ideas for layering underneath, because tank tops are getting a little boring! I don't think I could pull off the bandeau look though. 

 shorts & feather thrifted, blouse from chicwish, owl necklace from forever 21.


There's Something About This Place

The end of summer is near. I went to the beach today with a huge group of friends. I suppose it was our last summer sha-bang before getting back to the grind. I don't think there is anything better than just relaxing on a beach, listening to music, munching on chips, suntanning, swimming and playing volleyball. 

I've mentioned Chicwish before - but if you haven't checked it out, GO! That is, if you love peter pan collars, crochet, 50's dresses and vintage inspired bags...
top from chicwish, shorts thrifted, bag from forever 21.

"So come with me, where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever, in Never Never Land!"~P.P



feather lust!

I WANT THIS DRESS SO BAD. It's from the brand, "LOVE" and I adore the feather print and the colours. Are you in love too? ;)



If I was a sculptor...

I <3 cableknit / grandpa knits. This cardigan is from wholesale-dress.net, as is the skirt. The cardigan is better quality than the skirt. The skirt is alright, just a little short to wear high-waisted; also the top 'band' is just an elastic sewn onto the inside.
 Grey+Mustard Yellow is a marvelous colour combination.
 skirt and cardigan from wholesale-dress.net, floral top and shoes from forever 21, ring from romwe.



one by one the seasons change you

It's about that time again, time to get back to school...I ordered my books online this year and I think all students should definitely do this! I mean, I got all my books for about 160 dollars (first semester). I remember once spending 400 dollars on books a semester.
I'm taking 5 classes, but the one I'm most excited for is History of Christmas. You all know I love Christmas, right? Well if you don't, you should be aware around November when I don't stop talking about how excited I am.

This is a suede skirt I found at Value Village that I hemmed to make shorter. I love ittt. 
The bag is from Acid Reign, Rai's brand :) I love kitties. They are making some new designs so STAY TUNED. Remember to "Like" their page on facebook!

skirt thrifted, top from romwe, bag from acid reign, boots from spring.

& I leave you with another friggin amaaaazing song. 



or a girl who makes potions in a travelling show

This fall I want to try and mix/match different textures in my outfits. I did some back-to-school shopping at forever 21. Of course the Autumn clothing aren't really out yet, but I found a few things. I look forward to playing around with wool, leather, cordoroy, linen and denim.

Now listen to this perfect cover by the lovely Ellie Goulding.




Nordic in summer, who woulda thought? I think I will be on the lookout for more nordic prints for the upcoming fall/winter. I've always wanted one of those huge, chunky nordic sweaters. This dress is from the1727, an online dress boutique. I didn't realize until after that I had hidden a really cute detail with the circle scarf - the adorable hearts at the top. You can see them in the first photo :).
When I was styling this dress I realized I typically don't wear straight black/white. I had to add some grey in there, and a splash of colour!

 dress from the1727, boots from forever 21, sweater thrifted, scarf from stitches.

PSST. Use the coupon code flattery at checkout for a 16 percent discount on the1727.com. ENJOY! :) 




shorts from romwe, top from wholesale-dress.net

I adore this song.



This petal collar from romwe is detachable, and I'm in LOVE because it looks really good on any plain coloured dress, and makes them look way more interesting. Another waiting-for-fall look.

collar from romwe, bag and shoes from urban outfitters, skirt from sirens, top dress from forever 21.



I took my friend Leo on a tour of the university today, with Vicki who also goes to U of M! 
Best part? Goofing off and taking photos in a random court yard.
Classes resume September 7th ( I think... ). I suppose I'm excited to go back, to have that routine, and I hope to be more organized this year. It's always good to be optimistic and have goals when going into a new school  year.

bag and top from romwe, shorts thrifted/altered, necklace from forever 21, shoes from aldo.



Well it may not be fall yet but I certainly have the Autumn bug. Autumn is probably my favourite fashion season. This year I plan to wear chunky sweaters, orange, yellow, brown...and skirts like this!
This is an example of a skirt I will be making for my shop. The waist band isn't elastic because I prefer a fitted waist band rather than a stretchy one. I have tons of cute patterns and fabrics like this one to create with. This skirt was sort of a test run, but I messed up a bit on the zipper. I may sell it later for a discounted price because of that! Or just keep it because I love it :)

The sweater is a good ol' find from Value Village. The best part? ELBOW PADS...or patches, whatever you call them.

sweater thrifted, floral skirt made by me, shoes from spring, top and bag from romwe


new collaboration!

I'm excited to announce I will be doing a collaboration with Anastasia of Beverly Hills cosmetics! I really wanted to expand into the makeup realm, and this is the perfect opportunity. I will be doing a review on the Beauty Express brow kit, which is perfect because I pencil my eyebrows in (ooo, big secret), and I don't exactly love the product I currently use. 
Along with the review, I may be doing a video even though I'm completely awkward in front of a camera! I know many of you have been emailing/commenting with questions about my makeup regime, so I'm hoping to post more about that soon.
Here is a video of Anastasia using the product I will be reviewing;

About Anastasia:
Anastasia has long been the definitive eye and brow expert for icons such as Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. I remember watching her work her magic on television and now I'm pretty excited/curious to try out her new line of products! Maybe I can find myself a new brow shape? We may also plan some giveaways! Stay tuned kittens.



For awhile (and by awhile..I mean, I dunno, 5 years?!) I've been planning to make goodies to sell on etsy or a similar site. Well, for those years it was more of a passing thought; something I always wanted to do. For quite awhile I wanted to own a boutique somewhere. This summer I made it a bit of a project to finally get started. I'm still perfecting designs and whatnot; but I plan on making hairbows (back ponytail hair bows are the types I'm working on right now, 'cause I love them) as well as skirts. For the skirts I will rotate through sizes (S, M, L) and fabrics. That way, there will only be one or two of the same skirt.  
I bought some mom jeans at Value Village to cut into shorts, and decided that I really needed to make a matching hairbow. So for the past few days I worked on the bow you see in the pictures. Hope you like!
top and shoes from forever 21.



What do you all think of the galaxy trend? I only have one item that pertains to it, this spacey shirt from Romwe. It seems Romwe fuelling this trend.

shirt from romwe, skirt from wet seal, bag and shoes from urban outfitters.

skirt from romwe, [ link ]
dress from romwe, [ link ]



Romwe Covergirl + MERMAIDS

You guys like me right? A bit? Alright well duckies, it's time for me to bother you about another contest that I've neglected until now; but I realized I should really try to win since this would benefit you guys too!
Romwe.com is hosting the "Romwe Cover Girl" Contest. The winner will get 500 dollars to spend at Romwe.com and the image they chose will also be printed on a series of tote bags for the site. For this purpose I decided to whip out the ol' photoshop and do something I thought might look good on a bag (You still had to include a photo of yourself..)

If I win, 3 of my readers get 80 dollars to spend at Romwe. Oh, and if you vote you get a coupon for a discount on your next purchase. Have at it! Please vote, click here!  <3

Let's talk about something else. Today I randomly decided to take pictures sans makeup (actually, I do have coverup + eyebrows, but sans eyes). I've always been pretty self concious about wearing bare eyes. I think it's because there is a ton of emphasis on natural beauty. 
 I felt like I didn't have natural beauty. I'm getting better now, I'm starting to not care. Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to makeup AT ALL. I think girls are beautiful both with makeup and without. I love the art of makeup; I love how you can draw out your features. I enjoy doing my makeup every day.  I particularly dislike when people call a person who may wear makeup "fake". It's like art on the face. Would you call someone who has their body covered in tattoo's fake? Just because you can't see the skin under?

shoes from aukoala, bag and shorts fromromwe, blazer and top from costa blanca.