The Great Big 2000 Reader Giveaway! - INTERNATIONAL

YAY 2000 readers! Love you all! 
Back when I started my blog I never imagined having more than 100, nevermind 2000! I hope you enjoy this giveaway from three of my lovely sponsors. Thank you Romwe, ClubCouture and Nectar Clothing!

This giveaway comes in three parts....Please enter all three giveaways in the same post. 

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Each giveaway has other requirements so be sure to include that you have done them in your post :)

First up for grabs are two of my favourite items from Romwe - the petal detachable collar and the interlaced tights! The winner will receive both items.

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Next is a 25 US dollar gift voucher to use at ClubCouture

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So that's it! 3 giveaways, 3 winners! 

Contest ends 11:59 PM October 6th/2011.




So I was sick all weekend and therefore unable to get out of bed, nevermind actually be presentable or wear something nice out.
TOMORROW I will be launching a great giveaway since I've reached 2000 followers ! :D Well, let's hope it stays that way until then...
Welcome my new sponsor, Girlfriends Material. The clothes are eco-friendly and high quality! This sweater is super cozy for chilly fall days at school and the braid detail  is adorable. 

I love green. I felt like a bit of a girl guide or some kind of private school girl in this outfit...

pussybow blouse from  wholesale-dress.net, skirt from forever 21, shoes from boutique, sweater from Girlfriends Material.

PS. I was on Forever 21's blog, The Skinny! Check it out! 




Jessica Celebre of The Tragic Sense has definitely caught my eye in the past few months. Her blog is simple, sweet and features her impeccable fashion and photography.
 There has always been a place in my heart for those who embrace cute, vintage styles. All of her looks stem from vintage inspirations, and some have a modern twist added in. Her styles embody a romantic vibe that is both reflected in the clothes itself as well as her poses and settings.
Asides from clothing, her hair and makeup is adorable to say the least. I adore her blunt bangs paired with her long, soft curls. Her eyebrows are pretty much my dream eyebrows (if only, if only).

Check out her blog, lookbook and chictopia!


(This is my first post in my "I love your style" project. I like featuring other bloggers so I've decided that once a week I will be showing a favourite!)


How do you measure a year?

Yesterday at school I sported this marvelous autumn outfit. Nectar Clothing supplied me with the amazing leaf-toned garb, and I decided to wear some cheap bow ties I got for like 3 bucks on ebay ! 
The dress is amazingly light and has great movement. I liked the loose, casual feel of it matched with the chunkier, heavy boots! These boots will do me well this winter, as they are quite tall (to mask my legs from the horrible winds) and also actually have grip on the bottom unlike most of my other boots. 
As for the timeclock necklace - it's a working clock and was quite useful through my day. I felt kinda regal glancing at my timeclock necklace for the time.

oh, and the packaging was really cute ! I love their business cards/stickers.

 necklace, boots and dress from nectar clothing, tights from ebay, ring from aldo.



I'm singin in the rain.

I love rain. Other than having to walk from class to class outside on campus today. All would have been a-okay if I would have just brought my trusty umbrella. I [think] the painting on it is a Degas. 

bag from romwe, umbrella and sweater thrifted, skirt from wet seal, top from H&M, scarf from ardene.



Those Western Winds

It's always fun finding new colour combinations ! I have probably never worn orange and purple together, and I think that it's the dark burnt tones that make it work.

This weekend I mainly just worked on homework. For my History of Christmas class, I'm doing an essay on CHRISTMAS IN HARRY POTTER! Oh my gosh, this is pretty much the best combination of topics ever. Cats are even involved because Hermione turns into a cat-like creature on Christmas, teeheee. 

You know, I really like it when I DON'T have to take photos in my yard with my tripod. I love bokeh and it's pretty difficult to get when you take your photos yourself. My mom took these photos. Outdoor photos are harder than they look though, especially here. Either it's obscenely sunny (I hate sunny lighting) or terribly windy. These were taken on one of those windy days.

What you see:

What you don't see (but are seeing now, badumm):

Me trying to hold my hair down in the insane wind.
shorts from romwe, pussybow blouse from clubcouture, cardigan from H&M, bad thrifted, tights and shoes from urban outfitters.

Gave up.  ( I actually like these types of photos! ) 

If you like crisp, raw music, give this song a try !  


floral, knit and autumn

I went shopping with my friends, which I actually haven't done in so long! Don't get me wrong, I love online shopping too, but there's something much better about actually wandering around a mall in search for that dream item.
I found this feather ring at Aldo. Another one for the collection! I also bought this wine headband/turban? It reminded me of those one I saw on New Look.
Believe it or not, this lovely green chunky scarf is from Ardene! Oh the things you can find when you actually look...
Another Ardene find...I love clips like this
And lastly, some delicious autumn-inspired candles from Bath and Body Works. I always have to have my seasonal candles! 


For Every Light

I decided on my Halloween costume today, but I can't tell you! You'll have to wait and see what I post on Halloween ;D (or pre-Halloween, since Halloween is on a monday this year and I'll be going to a social on the Saturday). 
I got this shawl last year from Joe Fresh ( which has sooo many nice things right now ), and it's pretty much perfect for chilly fall days. I paired it with a sheer top from Romwe which is longer in the back, my beloved floral skirt and adorable reindeer earrings also from Romwe. The only problem with them is that they are a little heavy and they would hang forward slightly.

boots, bag, earrings and top from Romwe, skirt from sirens, shawl from joe fresh.



new look picks

I came across the store New Look. It's a UK shop and I had never heard of it! The prices are actually rather reasonable compared to some other UK shops I've browsed through. I fell in love with a bunch of their fall items so I decided to make a little wishlist collage. Hope you like the items I chose as well!
You can find these items by going to New Look and browsing their winter collection. Happy shopping! (Or window shopping, if you're like me ;) )



I'm taking a Religious Indian Art and Architecture course, and of course there are symbols of elephants found frequently in that type of art. Now I've begun to notice elephants everywhere. I even remembered that I own a tiny elephant necklace, which has been tucked away for some time. We have a micro-assignment where we have to bring in an item that reminds us of Indian art. I'm bringing in the necklace.

Strangely enough, I found these pants (cut into shorts) at the Value Village 50 percent off sale. I want more elephant motiffs in my wardrobe!
1 2 3 4

sweater from Forever 21, pussybow blouse from ClubCouture, shorts and bag thrifted, shoes from Spring.



x x x

This bow is one of my creations. I have four different 'types' of bows in progress. These ones are a little more heavy duty and are good for putting on top of your ponytail especially.
dress from ClubCouture, bag from Chicwish, petal collar from Romwe, bow by flattery.




Mentha (also known as Mint, from Greek míntha, Linear B mi-ta), is a genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae (mint family). ~ wikipedia

top from romwe, cardigan from wholesale-dress.net, shorts from forever 21. 
In other news, I saw that movie 'Contagion' this weekend. It was pretty scary, since it probably could easily happen in the world. I've never been too much of a germaphobe, although I love the feeling of having freshly cleaned hands so I tend to wash my hands a lot through the day. Half way through the movie there was a strong scent of hand sanitizer through the theatre...

There were a lot of loose ends in the movie and that bothered me. I'd probably give it a 6/10 rating.

One more thing. I don't have a big speech to make, but I'd just like to acknowledge the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. My heart is with all the people who lost loved ones that day.



So Long Sweet Summer

I had my first day back to university yesterday! 
I really think I'm going to enjoy the classes I have. All my teachers seem very friendly and approachable. I make good use of 'rateyourprofessors.com' before choosing my classes. I recommend this method to everyone.

Didn't you hear? Wrinkle is the new ironed. I swear...

skirt from clubcouture, bag from chicwish 



my room.

Warning: Lots of photos.
Here are some random pictures of things in my room. I kept my closet slightly mysterious since it has many layers of ...mysteries.