THE OWL // Happy Halloween


I love Halloween and I think it should be about creativity so I always make my own costume. I wanted to be some kind of animal, and I love owls - so I finally decided on being a barn/forest owl.  (Good job to the person who guessed that on my other post ;) )
For this one, I found a brown long sleeved top and a brown skirt. I sewed them together into a one-piece (I couldn't find a long sleeved brown dress). I bought a piece of furry fabric at fabricland to make the chest piece. 
My wings were made of sheer fabric that I bought from fabric land and cut into the shape of wings. I sewed them to the outfit, and then the fun began.
I had ordered 800+ feathers off ebay, and bought some white ones from Walmart. Thus began the process of handstitching about half of them on. Once I had the bottom layer of the wing done, I glued the rest on the top to create more fullness. For my shoes I glued feathers on the front, which actually didn't affect my walking for the night. 
I backcombed my hair and shoved a few feathers in to really add to the dishevelled owl look.
I bought a plain mask from Michaels craft shop and hand painted it like the face of an owl. I added two feathers to the "eyebrow" and also made a little beak out of paper !

At the social and the bar, let's just say everyone knew where I had been. Feathers EVERYWHERE! 
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Thanks so much!

Oh and, of course my pumpkin would be an owl too :)

Hope everyone has a great Halloween!




I always wanted to try out a cape and I got the opportunity to with this lovely blue Chicwish cape! (It's on sale!) The material is super soft (Wool blend) and I was surprised at how warm it kept me.
I felt pretty unique wearing it around campus because I haven't seen many people wearing capes. The dark blue matches a lot in my wardrobe so I had problems with making up my mind as to what to style it with!
The only problem with capes is that you have limited arm movement since the slots in the sides aren't like sleeves. Or maybe I'm just a little challenged for cape-wearing.

The glittery purple shirt underneath will likely be worn a lot by me in the coming months since after Halloween is through I get this weird obsession with all things sparkly for the holidays. It's from Girlfriends Material and yes you can still use the coupon code gfmf30 for 30 percent off :) 

cape from chicwish, shoes from spring, skirt from sirens, shirt from girlfriends material


Feels Like Home

Sitting in my room. Window open. Pumpkin spice candle. = BEST LIFE.
Except for you know, also writing an essay.
It is easier to write when I'm in a calm mood though.

I was a little sad that this year I didn't get a chance to make candy and caramel apples. I suppose I could make them in November, they just wouldn't be halloween themed.
For now, I lament.

Now for a colourful outfit. 
I found this bright blue pussybow blouse at value village - quite a steal. I paired it with this maroon skirt from Miss Patina, which has a lovely shape. It also features a little key & lock belt - a great example for what Miss Patina ought to be known for - DETAILS! 

blouse from value village, boots from spring, skirt from miss patina.



The Chase of Happiness

Another item (striped sweater) from Girlfriends Material :) Be sure to take advantage of their coupon for 30 percent off. Enter gfmf30 at checkout!
I highly enjoy cozy basics like this striped cardigan/top. I also highly enjoy scarves lately so expect to see a bunch...

What have I been up to lately? Well I've been working on my costume. Alright, I'll give you one hint...It involves FEATHERS! (which by the way, are hard to attach to garments). I've just recieved a parcel in the mail containing some rather special items which i reveal within a weeks time...I'm awfully mysterious, aren't I?
top from girlfriends material, pleated dress from romwe.




This scarf is so soft, and so marvelous. That's all I have to say about that. Oh, and also that you can buy it with this 30 PERCENT OFF COUPON CODE; gfmf30 !
I've had the leather-ette jacket for a couple years now, but I don't think it's ever made the blog? Well congrats jacket, you're finally featured.

Oh and the red cardigan is from VALUE VILLAGE! One of my greatest finds.

scarf from girlfriends material, top from romwe, skirt from forever 21.


Our Trees

I thought this dress was pretty neat because it has a lace design at the bottom :)
I'm still in love with this chunky green scarf and I would like to expand my collection. Wooly scarves are just so much better than my other collection of pashminas. I still like them, but they just aren't as cozy!
 scarf from ardene, dress from ClubCouture.


Nail Wraps

Nail wraps. Tacky? Maybe. This doesn't stop me from eyeing them. These are the prints i was most attracted to, and I'm especially feeling the reptile-esque ones and the plain metallics. I got some sparkly cheap types from Sally Hanson so we'll see how those work out! I'm curious to see if they last longer than regular nailpolish, or if they just peel off easily. Check out Nail Rock's website to see more options. 
 If you aren't convinced these are super chic, just look at these photos;
So what do you guys think? Yay or nay?


Grow Up and Blow Away

It was cold so I tried my headband turban thinger from Aldo. I really like it, but it's kind of a hassle to wear because I have to keep adjusting it and my hair poofs up if I don't fix it regularly! It might work better if my hair was in a pony...
This blazer and gold bangle are from a new online store, Have a Look! I will avoid any lame puns and yeah...go...look at it.

headband from aldo, blazer and bracelet from Have a Look, skirt from wetseal, pink top from ClubCouture, boots from spring.


Brown Bags

Bag eye candy. Loving brown right now, especially brown leather and leopard. The wood panels on the first bag is a really incredible detail.Wouldn't you just love to have each and every one of these? I would!
Bags from Asos.com



How fickle my heart

Ahh, I love the colour and the shape of this Miss Patina dress. Brown and orange are my friends this Autumn.
Go check out their new fall collection here. Their photoshoots are always adorable and unique.

dress from Miss Patina, necklace from Nectar, bag from urban outfitters.




Hey everyone! Meet Nora, from Valley of the Dolls, or alternatively, from Norway! Her style has a vintage flair, which I always find myself drawn to. A lot of her outfits are reminscent of the 50's and 60's.
Her pale skin is gorgeous against the contrast of the colours she wears, and even more so against her lips, often clad in striking red.
Her photos are always crisp and clean, and I adore her blog layout. Her blog is a great read if you enjoy anything vintage. She often features old-time movie actresses and posts a ton of great images.
Bonus: She also seems to adore cats. What could get better?
Go check her out now on her blog and lookbook.



Ending Start

I think I'm developing a growing obsession for cute lanterns. I want to take one and galavant through the forest at night with my doe and owl companions. Only problem, I have none. I'm kinda kicking myself for not buying a cute vintage blue one that I saw at Value Village.

 wicker and birch lanterns from notonthehighstreet, owl lantern from pottery barn.

I'm not sure if I'll be wearing coloured tights much for this autumn/winter season. I still love them, but right now I prefer opaque tights with patterned details. Today I did decide to sport some green ones though. 

 dress and boots from romwe, tights from american apparel, bag thrifted, scarf from le chateau.



Anastasia of Beverly Hills Brow Kit Review

Hey everyone!
Anastasia of Beverly Hills sent me their brow kit to review.
 I decided to compare the results from the Anastasia Brow Kit to my old method.
Before I used:

And ended with:
You can see the brow curve is a little more "sharp" and the front of the brow is more rounded.

Next I tried the brow kit.
I was a little disappointed with the stencils. I think i could have used an option that had the same width as the petite arch but had a higher arch. I found that the "tail" of the brow was way too thick on the medium arch, so I couldn't use that one.
I decided to use the petite arch. 
The stencils are rather hard to hold while using the brush. I got the general area filled but then I put the stencil aside and filled the rest in without having it held up.
I put the wax on first (far left) and then the dark brown brow filler. It's a lot more work than my previous method, but I like the wax/powder material better than using a pencil. The palette also comes with some shimmer to put on the corner of your eyes and under your eyebrow.

 Final result:
As you can see, the new brow is a little more square. I felt it helpful to round the front a bit more and then use my eyebrow brush to blend the colour.

There is little difference, except that the 'after' brows are fuller and a little more square/gradual. 

- the powder product is great and lasts through the day. 
-I like how the wax keeps your brow hairs in place
-angle brush works well
-lovely packaging

-the stencils are difficult to use and there needs to be more options
-the generic arch/shape they provide might not work for every face
-stencils are very "square" 
-you still need a eyebrow brush to blend the colour into the hairs after

I prefer the new brow shape that I achieved with the kit. It's a bit more refined and less extreme compared to how I used to shape my eyebrows before. I think the kit would be helpful for someone who has no brow shape to begin with, and needs guidance on which shape to go with.
I give this product 6.5/10