The Crane Wife

A velvet heart dress by Miss Patina. I really like the length of this dress and the 3/4 sleeves. It looks a little bluish in these photos but it is a light grey <3



My light into dawn

Sorry there was an error when it came to me measuring the inches!!
To clear things up, sizes are as follows (of the natural waist line);
Size 6 - 26 inches approx
Size 8 - 26.5-27 inches approx
Size 10 - 27.5-28 inches approx

The deadly combination of brown and black. I think it's fine as long as you have different textures. (Ex; in this outfit I have lace, knit and leather)
In other news...it's almost Dec 1st. I LOVE DECEMBER!

sweater thrifted, dress from clubcouture, boots from aldo. 


Grand Opening of SHOP FLATTERY!

That's right, I have finally started an etsy shop. My closet shop will also still be open, since that is where I can sell non-vintage items. In fact, I've added two items. Click here.
It was a huge learning curve but it all has been worth it. 
The shop features my handmade skirts in various unique fabrics. Some are gathered while others are pleated. 
I have also begun collecting vintage pieces to sell - mostly from the 1980's.
Take a look!

You can find all of the above skirts on my etsy!

PS. Before anyone asks, yes I was cold taking these photos - but I really wanted to model the skirts sans tights! Ahhh the sacrafices I make.



Cableknit is awesome.
This sweater was super cozy for my day at school.
It's Black Friday today for Americans, right? I'm sure you know all about a bunch of crazy sales, but ClubCouture is offering 30 percent off their entire store! 
Also check out my Romwe GIVEAWAY for more coupon codes for their shop!

Happy shopping <3 Meanwhile I'll be going shopping here in Canada, where there are much less amazing sales today :(
sweater and scarf from Romwe, boots from Nectar, skirt from Clubcouture.




These ones from Proopticals are just fake lenses, but I wanna get some with my prescription! Sometimes it gets annoying to wear my contacts all the time because they tend to irritate my eyes at times. Plus if I fall asleep in class, they get super dry. Sweet glasses would solve all my problems.
skirt from clubcouture, glasses from proopticals, scarf and sweater from girlfriends material.


ALDOxLOOKBOOK collaboration

Hey guysss!
I got the opportunity to do a collaboration with Aldo and Lookbook!
Aldo is one of my favourite shoe stores ever, and these boots make me love it even more. 
As soon as I got these riding boots, I took a whiff and squealed. As a kid I despised the smell of leather but now I love it.
They are really comfortable and have good traction in the snow.
I had the plaid scarf for awhile. I bought it from Forever 21 way back when but didn't have a chance to wear it. I thought it was a perfect match for the 'wrap style' skirt from LuLu*s.
See the rip in the tights? Stay classy folks.
 boots from Aldo shoes, skirt from LuLu*s, bag from Romwe, scarf from forever 21, sweater from Urban Behavior.


Romwe Giveaway - INTERNATIONAL

HEY GUYS! Romwe is offering you all another giveaway. How lucky ! ;)
This time they are offering one of the jackets above from their Haute Couture line! The styles are limited so it's first come first serve, so please reply quickly if you win!

How to enter:

1. Be a follower of my blog - dur!
2. Sign up on www.romwe.com and leave a comment with the email you registered with

Oh and, for American Thanksgiving, Romwe is offering the following coupons:

Code1:Thanksgiving1        Save $15  for $60+

Code2:Thanksgiving2        Save $25  for $90+

Code3:Thanksgiving3        Save $35  for $120+

All the coupons are available for all items on Romwe and expire on 26th November 2011. Every coupon can only be used with one order.

Good luck.
Contest ends November 27, 11:59 PM.


All my love was down, in a frozen ground.

I wanted a new hat for winter, so while I was in the mall one day I picked up this hat from Garage Clothing, along with some nordic reindeer print mittens! And by amazing coincidence, it went great with this satchel bag from LuLu*s! This bag is actually big enough to hold my books for school too, so that was convenient. 

hat from garage, sweater from urban behavior, orange sweater from forever 21, striped dress from club couture, wedges from urban outfitters, bag from LuLu*s.




As you can see, snow has hit Manitoba.
Here is a comfortable, casual winter look with a splash of baby blue :). I've always liked blue, grey and black together.

shirt from Have a Look, envelope bag from Romwe, blazer from Urban Behavior, jeans from Forever 21.




Do you like nordic/winter prints?
I do!

This dress is from Asian iCandy

dress from asian icandy, scarf from girlfriends material, cardigan thrifted, boots from spring.




In my struggle of whether or not to wear more green or red for the holiday season, I decided on green. For now. 
My day was spent hunting for a new Christmas Tree with mom (Yes, we have a fake one :{ ), and a 5 minute visit to the mall turned into three hours. Totally worth it as I got some of my Christmas shopping done (You know, for that guy who lives on the other side of the world and it takes a million years for anything to get there).
Anyways, here is my casual outfit featuring the dual-coloured cardigan from Girlfriends Material! It's fun to be comfy sometimes.

sweater from girlfriends material, skirt from forever 21, boots from spring.


Holiday Shoes

All that glitters...

I can't get over my love for all thing sparkly right now. I especially love glitter/sequin shoes.  You may be familar with the 400-600 dollar Miu Miu shoes (five). Luckily all the other shoes I've included are actually affordable. Shocking, right? I'm really digging the Lulu*s black sparkly wedges and the dELiAs gold sequin pumps. Want.




This embossed bag is from ChicWish and I really love it! It's very unlike any other bag I have, and it opens from the top in a box-shape. I always appreciate with items have really nice details like this bag has. It really makes any plain ol' outfit more interesting.

Fashion talk aside, this weekend I went to see Immortals. 
& meanwhile all across the world Classics professors wept.

Other than the clear innaccuracies, the visuals of the movie and action scenes were pretty cool. The thing that bothered me more than anything is that the oracle and Theseus were slaves for a bit, then escaped and journeyed for days. Yet her hair was still in perfect ringlets and her makeup was flawless. Yeah right.

 bag from chicwish, boots from spring, sweater from joe fresh.


BRANCHES + Asian iCandy Giveaway!

First things first - Congratulations to the winners of the Romwe 80 dollar freebie giveaway!
Jamie Rose & Kaytee, you have been contacted by Romwe.
& Now I have another exciting giveaway to offer to you all. Asian iCandy sent me this gorgeous nordic-style snowflake skirt and they had the idea that I could hold a giveaway for it! Great idea, right?
It quickly became one of my favourite skirts. It is a kind of heavier wool material, which makes it really great for the winter that is nearly here.
skirt from asian icandy, sweater thrifted, red dress from nectar, scarf from lechateau

This giveaway is for my readers, so please be a follower of my blog (either on google friend connect or bloglovin) 
1. visit www.asianicandy.com and comment below your favorite item, name and email!
2. like Asian iCandy on facebook .
3. follow Asianicandy blog.

The contest is international and will run until November 18th, 11:59 pm.



This skirt is the last item from the first part of the swap! As far as I know, the rest of the items will be on their way to me soon. ;)
Normally I wouldn't pick a print like this. I like floral, but normally I like more 'clustered' flower patterns. However I was surprised that the simplicity of it really looked nice. I paired it with a Romwe knit sweater to give it a more casual feel.
Oh, and I tend to love fishtail skirts. 
Things are getting a bit busy with school now. Two essays and one assignment left until exams. Really though, this semester hasn't been too bad.
sweater and bag from Romwe, skirt thrifted, shoes from spring.

Enter my ROMWE giveaway. 


Hold Your Breath

Today I watched an amazing movie that I have to recommend to all of you. It's called, "Another Earth". It might sound like a sci-fi, but it's really more of a movie about life itself, coping and self-discovery.

It snowed today, but I doubt it will last before melting again. Still, it was rather nice to wake up to that white blanket over the lawn. These outfit shots were taken before I sent the swap package out, hence no snow. The striped shirt is the item which is part of the blogger swap I'm participating in.

shirt thrifted, shoes from urban outfitters, bag and shawl from ChicWish, skirt from forever 21.

Check out how Love Charles Vintage styled this top!

PS. Don't forget you can still enter the Romwe giveaway!