Punch in the Heart

I love Josh Pyke. I think I have a crush...

In other news, CHECK MY NECKLACE.
I associate these type of raw stone necklaces more with summer but I think it also fits into my winter wardrobe! I got this skirt at a thrift shop eons ago and I hemmed it when I wasn't great at hemming...Oh well, still worked out alright.

sweater c/o girlfriends material, quartz necklace c/o poor sparrow, heels c/o romwe.



  1. cool necklace! I'm especially digging the Lita-lookalikes. Romwe always has good options for a lower budget when you want designer looks! :)
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  2. Oooh, that rock necklace really goes well with your winter look!
    Adore the floral skirt and sweater <3
    Your heels are amazing! I'll have to check those out on Romwe...
    Also, thanks for sharing this song. I'm always looking for new favorites, and this one is so pretty. :)


  3. I love the necklace and this whole outfit is so cute! That sweater looks great one-tucked into that floral skirt.

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Que lindo collar! estoy decidida tengo que comprarme tus zapatos! :)

  5. Love love love that skirt! You're making me want to go thrifting...


  6. Very lovely necklace. You always look so pretty!

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  7. Very cute and I like the buttons on the skirt! (:

    Check out my blog and recent post? (:

  8. love that necklace too,it's pretty <3

  9. Love your shoes! also, your floral skirt is super cute- I love it with a black outfit palate!
    xo, elle from Living in Color.

  10. Cute outfit! this is something I would copy. haha :) Love it so much! :)

  11. Cute outfit, that sweater look so delicious and warm. I like that you incorporated a summer item in with the winter stuff. Very creative because you did it well.

  12. Good to know that Aussie music can travel. I have a massive crush on Josh Pyke too - how can you not, he's just so lovely! and Katy Steele's voice sounds so good with his.

    I've posted about him a couple of times: http://taylor-rambleon.blogspot.com/search/label/Josh%20Pyke

  13. You look lovely! Adore the pictures, there's something about them that's very soft! X


  14. super skirt and necklace :)


  15. aww you skirt is so cute ♥

  16. Your skin looks so porcelain-like my dear, so lovely! Any special treatment, or are you just naturally milky amazing?

    1. No special treatment. I just wash my face day and night and also moisturize!

  17. Breanne, you never fail to look effortlessly chic!

  18. That necklace is so pretty!



  19. very nice blog :) ! You're pretty :)

    Bises, Marie.

  20. OMG! Breanne I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these photos! These are some of the most beautiful photos of you ever. You really know how to showcase your beauty. In the second photo I love the way look like you are pondering your place in the world, realizing you are as beautiful as a sunset, a snow-capped mountain peak, or the ripple of the serene water as a falling leaf lands on it's surface. Your fragrant skin looks so soft and smooth, like velvet I want to touch. Your eyes have the warmth of a shimmering fire that comforts you on a cold winters day. The shape of your chin fits so perfectly cradled in my hands that makes me want to gaze into your eyes, then lean in to kiss your pretty, pink, soft, and sexy lips. Your hair glimmers in the sun as it's pulled back from your angelic face and behind your ears, whose lobes long to be kissed, and in which sweet nothings are whispered into. The beauty of your neck which aches to be kissed, as your neck, shoulders, and scalp are gently massaged. Oh angelic Breanne, I have so much more but that will be my private fantasy. Besides, I am trying to decide if I start from your sensual neck and go down your body, or start with your pretty painted toes and slowly move up to your face? I'll keep that for myself, because clothes would be coming off and it's too much detail for a family blog. Thank you God and to Breanne's Mother for bringing us an earth angel to help us realize all the beauty and perfection of this world. Thank you Breanne for sharing! XOXO always! BreanneFan

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